For the first 2 months or so everything worked and I thought vivint was the best. Then vivint became my worst nightmare!!!

Nothing has worked properly or at all. It's been over a year that I have been paying for a service that I don't receive. My doorbell does not work at all...my panel does not work...the doors and windows say they're open or closed when they're not...I hear random announcements claiming windows or doors are open when they're not. Vivint first claimed it was my internet service responsible....then they said I needed a new router.

I got a new router that they came to install only after my panel went completely blank...at first wanting to charge for a technician to come install the router and then wanting to charge again for them to come fix the panel, because "the equipment was now mine and I am responsible for everything that doesn't work with it" when in reality it's their service that directly interferes with the equipment. The technician came... claimed everything was fixed and left. About an hour later my panel started beeping and warned that the batteries were dying...upon closer inspection...my outlet where the technician was working was not functional anymore.

I called vivint and they claimed no responsibility for the damaged outlet which was in working condition before the technician came. I ended up paying an electrician out of pocket to fix the outlet. After that the doorbell and doorbell camera stopped working. I called vivint again and spent almost two hours with them on the phone trying to fix the problem.

I was unable to fix the problem with the instructions from them so then they said they'd have to sent another technician to fix the problem but I'd have to pay vivint for the technician to come. I asked if the fee could be waived again and the answer was no because they had already told me that the equipment belonged to me now and it was my responsibility to fix it. The said that the technician had to move the panel from where it was when he came and that they have to pay the technician a fee and I was responsible for part of that fee. So for over a year I've paid vivint religiously for a service I don't get.

I'm frustrated and upset. I've been looking for class action law suits against vivint because this company is a scam!!! Once the equipment is installed in your home and malfunctions in any way....which by the way I'm sure is on their end...they blame you...and if their technician has to come to your home 20 times in a month to fix a problem ...you have to pay. I want to know how they get away with this stuff...every other company which is providing a service to me in my home, has made sure the equipment which facilitates the service they provide...is in proper working condition and providing the best service at the companies expense....not vivint.

If someone knows of any law suits against this company in California area please advise....I'm so fed up! Thanks in advance!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Vivint Cons: Dismissive nature.

Location: Palmdale, CA, USA

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That is a breach of contract on their part. You should not be paying for a service you are not receiving until they fix the problem, they need to refund you the amount equal to the months you have being without service. Otherwise call your bank and give order of no payment to Vivint.


I'm having the exact same issue with vivint. My panel, door bell, and sensors are doing the same exact thing and they have tried the exact same solutions for the last 7 or 8 months. I'm also looking into breach of contract since they are charging me for a service that I'm not getting.



I am also ripped off by Vivint would like to take legal action on them.Please let us know how to cancel my contract.I live in houston,TX



I'm having a terrible experience too...after looking through this site it looks like Vivint doesn't actually read here or reply to anything..so what's the point.

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