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My thermostat went out, so we called and they had us doing all these different things trying to reset it. Finally it was decided that the thermostat was malfunctioned, and they would send us another one.

I was told it would take 3 days to get it, and they would waive the shipping and handling fee and give us $15 off of our next months bill for our inconvenience. Needless to say, the thermostat did not arrive in 3 days, it actually took a week. So after my husband and i installed the thermostat (since vivint does not service their own equipment and if they have to send out a technician, then you have to pay for it! Crazy, I know!) I noticed that it was not connected to my phone or the panel.

So i call in to see if they could sync them all together again. Well the representative then informs me that the thermostat that they sent me was not compatible with any of my equipment. So she said they would just send out a tech to bring the right one and install it and they would waive the fee (i know, i couldnt believe it either!), but it was gonna take another week before they could get him out here so they would give me another $10 off for my inconvenience. I live in NC, so its been extremely hot, but i was ok with it because she was nice.

Fast forward to 10/1 : I check my account to see how much they took out and to make sure i recieved all of the credits due to me. My bill was actually $5 more than what it normally is. So i call again to see why. I was told that i received was a $10 credit for shipping and handling, but the shipping and handling fee was actually $14.95.

Are you kidding me? So that right there was super deceitful by itself. When i asked about the other 2 credits that were promised to me, he had no idea what i was even talking about (apparently when they tell you that they will put a note on your account, they dont). So now not only have i been without a/c for 2 weeks, but they sneakily charged me for a portion of the shipping and handling fee which was supposed to be waived (nobody said anything about partially waiving the fee).

And i never received the 2 credits promised to me. This is the first really bad experience I've had with them, but the way it was handled has made me wish i never would have switched to them. The more i think about the whole situation it just makes my blood boil!! They are extremely deceitful.

They will tell you anything to get you off the phone. When i called back to see if they could at least refund me the rest of the shipping and handling fee, since the other guy failed to mention that the full fee would not be waived, i asked for a number to a corporate office, I was told that they didnt have one. Dont most all big companies have some sort of corporate offices? I have never in my life seen a company that provides you with a service, but if something malfunctions, then they are like well we will send you the product, but you have to pay the shipping and handling fee and its up to you to install it.

Really? I know im just one person out of a million people that you all are scamming (yes i said scamming, because thats what you all do) and my complaint probably doesnt make a bit of difference to you, but remember, word of mouth is the best advertisement in the world and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will make sure to tell everyone that will listen to me how deceitful and unprofessional this company is! Save yourself some time, money, and sanity and take your business elsewhere. You know, somewhere that actually cares about their customers!

In fact, you may want to have a lawyer present when signing the contract to make sure you understand what you're getting yourself into. First impressions are everything for a business, and Vivint you completely failed this mission!

Please believe the week before my contract is up i will make sure to send that email to discontinue service! The only thing that will make me happy at this point is letting me out of this BS contract!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Customer Care.

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