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I have had concerns with Vivint ever since the end of the initial sales call. My wife and I had just moved into our new home and were casually shopping for the possibility of a security system.

The Vivint salesperson came to our door, and we welcomed him in, being unfamiliar with what security services the company provided. He started with an overview of the company's technical hardware, though most of the wireless features were becoming industry standard. He stated that the best thing about Vivint was that we could cancel without penalty after the first 12 months. This was the single biggest selling point for us, as we like to avoid longer-term contracts.

He said we had the option to purchase the equipment outright and do a monthly contract - that the 12 months was just to cover equipment costs. I felt this was a satisfactory agreement and opted for the 12 months. Once we verbally agreed to the 12-month deal, he told us that he was going to put us on the phone with an account specialist, and that we were to state we understood each of the contract terms verbally. He also expressly told us to state "No" when the question was asked as to whether the salesperson had made any other agreements or promises.

He stated to me that the 12-month deal was something he had the power to do as a territory manager, but not something that some of the account reps would understand. Being none the wiser, I complied, with the understanding that he would be sending me a new contract. After the phone conversation, he stated to my wife and I that he was glad we had purchased the system, then went on to name my neighbors by name and/or address who currently had no security coverage. I found this to be extremely alarming, offensive, and profoundly inappropriate.

I did not cancel the agreement, however, as I did not want this representative sharing my lack of security coverage with my neighbors. My wife and I just decided to stick it out for the 12 months, essentially out of fear. Over the course of our Vivint Service, we've had several alarm malfunctions; both fire and burglar. During one of those false alarms several months ago, my wife inquired to the rep about cancellation, at which time she was informed we had signed up for a 42-month contract.

Again, not wanting to upset a company that so willingly shared my neighbors' security status, we elected simply to continue paying, despite discontinuing any arming of the system due to the ongoing technical issues. So we are locked into a 42-month contract with a company that is not interested in whether our system is working. Yesterday (6/12), the fire alarm went off on 3 occasions without any fire conditions in the home. After receiving the call from Vivint due to the activation, I informed them that their equipment had malfunctioned and that I wished to speak with someone in cancellations.

I was told simply that It was a 42-month contract, and that there was nothing anybody but Vivint's legal department that could do anything about it. I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was denied, being told that none were available, as it was near closing time. The rep, McKayla, was very polite, and provided me her extension to call back directly early this morning.

I did so, but was unable to get her to call me back, as she was busy during my attempt. I then called the general customer service number approximately 4 hours later and spoke to a man named Daniel. Daniel told me very early on in the conversation that I was wasting my time in trying to speak with a supervisor, because nobody but the lawyers would cancel contracts or provide pricing adjustments. Daniel condescended, chuckled, and cut me off throughout my attempt to describe my frustration.

Realizing that I wasn't going to make any headway in an adjusted price/agreement, I asked him to schedule a female technician to come remove the hardware from my home and patch the holes in the drywall the original installers made - wherein they failed to return, as promised, to make the repair. I prefer not to share the extent of my reasoning for requesting a female technician - but the dishonesty of both the salesmen and the installation technician are just a portion. I work a full-time job and will have just my wife and small children at home during the repair. He stated that there were no female technicians in either my state, nor any of the surrounding ones; advising me rather to take a day off of work.

This is simply not something I am able to do. I asked if Vivint could get one outside of my region, and he stated curtly that Vivint wasn't going to consider that. I do not feel the request is unreasonable. I then asked again to speak to a supervisor.

Daniel refused to allow me to do so. I then asked to speak with McKayla again, he refused to allow that. The call ended today when he stated he would transfer me to a supervisor who would pick up and put me on hold until available. That supervisor did not pick up as promised for the 20 more minutes I waited.

As I previously mentioned, we do not utilize the burglar alarm due to the frequency of the malfunctions. But now my family is here with no fire protection in the home, as the technician I spoke to last night advised me to disconnect the system entirely - both the remote monitoring capability and local alarms. And customer service will provide neither a female technician, an ability to cancel, a price adjustment for the system downtime, or permit me to speak to a supervisor. I am certain there are components of my poor experience I am leaving out.

But based on my experience, I am extremely unhappy with the integrity and professionalism of most of the folks I've dealt with. Far more bothersome, however, is my concern about how the sales technique of providing neighbors' security information may impact others. i live in an elderly community, and can't help but feel there has been some exploitation. Also of concern is that there are no female technicians (per Daniel) in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, or Ohio.

I have no basis by which to make a discrimination claim based on my experience, but feel at a minimum that this limits customer choices. I prefer not to pursue litigation, as was Daniel's recommendation today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1260.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Vivint Cons: Dishonesty, Privacy violations, Faulty equipment.

  • Security and monitoring
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