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I'm still with Vivint for now, but it hasn't been an easy journey. In the time I've been with Vivint I've had so many outages that required me to wait multiple days without internet to get a technician to my house.

I've only survived because I used my phone as a hotspot.

Initially, I had to have my radio replaced 3 or 4 times just because they didn't ground it the first few times and it kept dying. Since they grounded it, they haven't had to replace it.

When I originally signed up, the technician that installed it showed me a map that showed there were two access points I could point to. One time I had a technician come out to fix it after I lost internet and I asked him if he could try pointing the radio at the other AP to see if it would fix the speed issues. He refused.

Much later another tech came out to fix my internet outage again and he pointed it at the other AP no problem. Since then I've had much better speeds (I can actually get the 45-50 Mb I've been paying for).

However, I've had a problem for many months now where I lose internet every minute or so for a few seconds, even before pointing at the new AP. It just keeps cutting out. I asked them once if they would replace the radio (because that's what I suspect the problem is) and they wouldn't.

I probably need to start bugging them about it again because it's very annoying.

All in all, I can't say I've been very happy with my experience. I've needed far too many technicians to come out and it takes them far too long to come (they don't work Sundays apparently either).

I still hang on because I like the price, the speeds (when it works) and I don't really like my other options. But more and more I'm tempted to crawl back to CenturyLink.

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I signed up for their 50 Mb wireless internet. At first all I could get was speeds around 15-20 Mb. They had a couple different technicians come out at which point they replaced the radio and said the first one wasn't aligned properly. Since then I've been able to get about 30-35 Mb - a far cry from the 50 promised. I've had another technician come out and take a look and it seems that no one has an explanation. They've just said that there is ongoing work on the backend, replacing old equipment and such that should hopefully solve the problem in the next 6 months.

Frustrating, but whatever. Then I come home a couple days ago and find that I have no internet at all. I called them up and after a few other things they have me unplug the PoE injector and plug it in again to reboot the radio on the roof. Nothing. They ended up scheduling a technician to come out a full two days later! I'm a software engineer and I need internet for a living. You'd think that they might prioritize people with absolutely NO internet over other lower priority jobs, but no. Just wait your turn. So they're supposed to come by noon today. That's in 20 minutes and I haven't heard anything yet.

I'm incredibly frustrated to say the least. I want to like them because I really don't want to go back to CenturyLink, but I can't afford to be without internet like this for two days!

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I guess I've had a better experience with their customer support. I've only ever had to wait on hold once.

Generally they always pick up right away when I call. That said, I've had to call their tech support far more than anyone should have to in less than a year's time.

I also still don't get anywhere near the 50Mb I'm supposed to be getting; but it is a lot cheaper than when I was with CenturyLink. The upload speeds are great!

That just doesn't help in most of my day-to-day internet usage. I'm sticking with Vivint for now because I do hope it improves, it's a lot cheaper than other options and I'm extremely frustrated with both Comcast and CenturyLink (I've had both in the past few years).


It's different technology, Time warner , comcast, uverse are wired directly to your home via coax or fiber, Time warner has very descent speeds in El Paso Tx with out loosing strength if you get 2 or 3 houses away from the hub, bottom line, if you want good steaks go to a butcher, if you want an expensive alarm system with a 5 year contract go to vivint, but for cable and internet, stay with what works! "Inovative technologie" is not always the right answer.

P.s. Time Warner is going 50,100,300mbps on some markets like Dallas, Austin and soon El Paso.

Still no contract, free installation for around 50.00 bucks


I've had Vivint Wireless since early January. Worked amazingly for about 20 days, I was getting speeds of up to 70mbps!

Then all of a sudden it stopped working, it was disconnecting every one or two minutes and it was very slow. So we called one Saturday for them to fix it. They said it was because our IP address was a .100 address, and that they were going to change that on their end and it would solve the problem. It didn't.

So yesterday I called to cancel our free trial ten days in advance because I know they'll give me *** judging from all of their awful reviews on Yelp. They said that by today a local technician would call me to set up a time to pick up the equipment. Of course they didn't so I will have to call back tomorrow and wait about 30 mins AGAIN to talk to a customer service rep.

I'm not signing a 2-year contract with this company for a service that is already terrible after 20 days. Nope


I am having a similar experience like most of you. I signed up for 50mbps internet.

But it is not consistent for even 30mbps. I work from home too. And I get disconnected more these days. I called them several times and they came several times to fix different things including the radio etc.

Finally they said like this: It is expected that the speeds go up and down (so no consistency), it is expected that the internet may drop 1-3 times in a day. We are giving you service at our best level right now. We hate to see you switching to a different provider but we want the best for you.

Those words sounded like 'Get off of our our back, don't complain anymore and live with what you have'.

But that's what you don't hear from them when they come to you for the first time to sign you up. I am disappointed with them.


I am also a computer programmer and have had the service for just over a week. It went down about 48 hours ago and when I first called they had me go through the reboot procedures with no luck.

Now when I call I am told they have escalated it and a technician will call but nothing yet.

I work from home and as a freelancer I bill by the hour and no Internet means no income. Based on my experience and those reported here I am crawling back to CenturyLink.


For what it's worth, my radio fried 3 times, then they grounded it and I haven't had any problems since. Ask them to ground your radio


Thanks for the tip! I'll ask them to ground it when they come out (hopefully tomorrow).


You think you deserve priority over other customers because of your job? You are delusional! You are a paying customer just as anyone Elle


It's obvious you didn't read my post very well. I clearly stated that I believed they should prioritize people who's internet is completely out over other problems that, while serious, are still of lesser impact - NOT people who have certain jobs.


My experience same! Paid for 10mg getting .9 at peak hour.

That's after tech came out. I'm surprised I can even post this message with this slow of Internet.


I have had vivint for my free month and one regular month and billed twice with in five days. Also have and service uninterrupted almost weekly. Vivint sucks

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