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I'm still with Vivint for now, but it hasn't been an easy journey. In the time I've been with Vivint I've had so many outages that required me to wait multiple days without internet to get a technician to my house.

I've only survived because I used my phone as a hotspot.

Initially, I had to have my radio replaced 3 or 4 times just because they didn't ground it the first few times and it kept dying. Since they grounded it, they haven't had to replace it.

When I originally signed up, the technician that installed it showed me a map that showed there were two access points I could point to. One time I had a technician come out to fix it after I lost internet and I asked him if he could try pointing the radio at the other AP to see if it would fix the speed issues. He refused.

Much later another tech came out to fix my internet outage again and he pointed it at the other AP no problem. Since then I've had much better speeds (I can actually get the 45-50 Mb I've been paying for).

However, I've had a problem for many months now where I lose internet every minute or so for a few seconds, even before pointing at the new AP. It just keeps cutting out. I asked them once if they would replace the radio (because that's what I suspect the problem is) and they wouldn't.

I probably need to start bugging them about it again because it's very annoying.

All in all, I can't say I've been very happy with my experience. I've needed far too many technicians to come out and it takes them far too long to come (they don't work Sundays apparently either).

I still hang on because I like the price, the speeds (when it works) and I don't really like my other options. But more and more I'm tempted to crawl back to CenturyLink.

Original review posted by user Aug 12, 2014

I signed up for their 50 Mb wireless internet. At first all I could get was speeds around 15-20 Mb. They had a couple different technicians come out at which point they replaced the radio and said the first one wasn't aligned properly. Since then I've been able to get about 30-35 Mb - a far cry from the 50 promised. I've had another technician come out and take a look and it seems that no one has an explanation. They've just said that there is ongoing work on the backend, replacing old equipment and such that should hopefully solve the problem in the next 6 months.

Frustrating, but whatever. Then I come home a couple days ago and find that I have no internet at all. I called them up and after a few other things they have me unplug the PoE injector and plug it in again to reboot the radio on the roof. Nothing. They ended up scheduling a technician to come out a full two days later! I'm a software engineer and I need internet for a living. You'd think that they might prioritize people with absolutely NO internet over other lower priority jobs, but no. Just wait your turn. So they're supposed to come by noon today. That's in 20 minutes and I haven't heard anything yet.

I'm incredibly frustrated to say the least. I want to like them because I really don't want to go back to CenturyLink, but I can't afford to be without internet like this for two days!

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I fully agree, we signed up for Vivint internet back in October 2014. We were sold on the fast speed and reliability when running multiple devices.

Well reality set in and we were consistently getting 20 mb and lower. In addition, the radio went out once per month. This was not ok especially when my children needed the Internet for school and watching Netflix. Nothing quite like a grumpy 2 year old who can't get her morning fix of Curious George.

If we tried to run our phones, TV, iPads, and laptops, we could not do it simultaneously without the whole thing running ridiculously slow.

Even with just two devices on the Internet it wouldn't run. For instance, if my wife was on Facebook and I was trying to check my email, it would take about 5 minutes of buffer time.


It has been raining here in El Paso Texas for the last month and It seems like every time it rains the Internet goes down. Last time they had to switch the antenna on my roof after it rained.

I'm getting tired of this issues!!

Everything was good till it started to rain. I wonder if their antennas are water proof.


I live in El Paso, TX and I also have issues with vivint. I regret changing to vivint.

Not only when it rains the internet goes down, but also when it's windy or for any other unknown reason. I need the Internet for a living, and this is the most unreliable Internet.

I should of stayed with what I had Time Warner. Planning in switching back once the contract ends.


I've been down for 2 weeks in northern Utah. All they can tell me is that it's being worked on.

On top of that it's been down for at least a couple of days for every month we've had the service. They better fix it fast.


I WISH I only had to wait 2 days for a service call....I have to wait 2.5 WEEKS!!!

And this is a business. These guys are killin' me.


worst internet service ever!! we have the similar problem,we had so many technician came to fix the problem,we even use the apple airport extreme(suggested by the vivint technician) to get better wireless, but the problem keep coming back..today im supposed to study through watching a video,the video stopped every 10 sec!!!!im really annoyed!!


Terrible service El Paso Texas East side.......internet speeds of 20-25 mbps download (hardwired from router) for 4 months now since Feb 2015. at least 6 technicians have come to my house and all say it is a hub or AP issue.

My equipment (all of it) has been replaced with no change. Some so called supervisor came to my house and identified that it is a HUB / AP issue. He was to give me an update and 2 months later I have never heard from him again. The BS thing is my Radio is 600 feet from the HUB / AP unit.

I will continue to waste their time like they waste mine.

I will have a technician come to my house as many times a month as I can!! I need internet for work and this is ridiculous.


I had that problem for a long time where I just couldn't get the speeds I was supposed to. It turned out I was on an overloaded AP.

They turned my radio and pointed it at another one nearby and it immediately more than doubled my speeds. It just took a lot of different technicians until I finally got a competent one that could figure that out.


horizon city el paso texas

oh my god I cant not agree more with your comment I live in horizon city and the internet is not close to 50 its like 10 down by 20 up


El Paso here... I'm Trying to call now since I am getting 3 down and 20 up... When I got this service it was over 100 down and up wtf happened to being better than the rest


El Paso West here. My house is the hub house and it suppose I should have better speed (more than 50Mb).

That is not true, the faster speed I have had is 15Mb. After several visits of "techie" guys at my home, issue has not been resolved. Looks like they have a standard procedure to show the customer the incredible speed they provide : they do a speed check at Ookla.com and point vivint server at El Paso and Utah and got a very good speed (average of 50Mb).

However, there are several sites to download files to test the speed :



and many more.

Downloading a 1GB file could take more than 3 hrs, when it should take only 5-10 minutes at 50Mb. Even service is free, I am planning to go back with TWC.


Thanks for posting your honest review I almost signed up with them.


I am CTO of software and telecommunications company. Service has been down more than up in last 30 days.

3 hour wait on phone for tech support. Don't get a thing from Vivint, just don't it is not a reliable company or service.

The cheap price will trap you for 2 years with terrible service!!!


Since around the beginning of the month (June), I've been having consistent problems with my Vivint internet connection. I live in Tierra del Este, Far East El Paso, TX.

The first day I called I waited for 29 minutes on the phone and I didn't get to talk to anyone. Three days later I called and after 20 minutes finally I got to talk to a tech. They told me the were having issues with the hub home and that a technician was going to be there to fix the issue. I still have the problem of randomly losing my connection at various times but what annoys me even more is that from noon to around 7 pm, I have no internet.

This has been happening every day. Also, I have never had download speeds of more than 30 Mbps. Most of the time around 20 Mbps.

Upload speeds are on the 50 Mbps area.

I am considering switching to one of the overpriced big companies, Time Warner or AT&T U Verse. I would seriously hate to do that but I need a reliable and consistent connection.


Since May 28, 2015, Vivint has been down in Orem, Lindon, Cedar City, So. SLC and El Paso, TX.

Don't know what the heck is going on but it's ridiculous. Spoke with a customer service rep on May 28 and was told the soonest they could get a tech to my house was June 3 - 6 days after the outage.

Wish this had happened during my 30 day free trial. Never thought I would have regretted leaving Comcast.


Just to clarify your outtages. I run the El Paso project routes for technicians and we have not had an outtage at all.

We are perfoming upgrades to give customers a up to 100mbos package.

This of course will mean down time. We apologize for any inconvinience.


It is ridicuous for you to post this. Meanwhile everyone is getting ripped off when Vivint isn't living up to their specified contract obligation of speeds near 50mbs.


If you can't afford to be down, perhaps you should weigh your options at two providers. $50 doesn't seem like a lot of money it really is critical you have Internet service.


I have been without internet for a week. The radio signal is getting blocked by all the trees that have recently bloomed.

How did they not foresee this? Very frustrated.


I live in Utah Valley, and we recently had the new Vivint wireless installed for Internet access and long distance. A few comments on a laughably incompetent Vivint dog-and-pony show:

It took Vivint three days (including four calls to technical support—with up to 40-minute waits to get through—and three technician visits to my house—including five people total—to get the thing up and running to acceptable speeds (about 50 Mbps off and on, though by no means consistently).

Please be aware that Vivint will need to drill holes through your roof and walls and run coax to their router. The initial installation took about 3 hours.

Despite Vivint's promises, their connection is proving to be no faster than the Comcast setup we had (using Comcast's new modem that we got from them last November). The difference is that speeds with Comcast's setup were much more consistent, but the speeds with Vivint vary widely by time of day. During peak hours, their connection is noticeably slower (sometimes 3 to 4 seconds to load a web page).

Tech support was annoying to deal with, as they kept trying to blame my initial slow speeds on my year-old Apple AirPort extreme router.

They were patronizing and condescending and treated me as if I just came to town on the hay wagon. Since we only have recent MacBook Pros with no Ethernet ports, the tech support guy asked me to go to a neighbor's house to borrow a laptop with an Ethernet port so I could plug it directly into their modem for troubleshooting. I understand the reason, but go to my neighbor's house to borrow a laptop so they can do their troubleshooting? You have got to be kidding me!

They finally did discover that the initial installer failed to upload the correct software to their radio on the roof.

One of the tech support guys who came out on the third visit asked if it had been windy, because windy conditions affect speeds due to tower vibration. This directly contradicts what the sales guy said in that weather conditions will not affect speeds. The tech support guy who came to the house the third time told me that winds and other weather conditions can definitely affect speeds. I guess to have to wait and see just how bad this will be.

The way the Vivint technology works, according to one of the tech support guys: Vivint runs fiber to a tower on the nearby mountain, which then connects by radio to a receiver on the roof of the hub house on our block, which then, through line-of-sight transmission connects to the radio on our roof.

(According to our neighbor with the hub house, they get a free Internet connection, but they had to sign a pretty in-depth legal agreement giving Vivint access to their property and roof at all times, and according to him some type of ownership rights to his roof with other significant legal releases. This is second-hand, however, so I can't vouch for its accuracy.) This is obviously a not-ready-for-primetime technology. The Vivint people seem to want their technology to work, but they proved to be surprisingly incompetent when it comes to setting up their own equipment and treating their customers with basic respect in tech-support calls. We'll keep the setup for the time being because the bill including Internet, phone, fees, taxes, and SpaceMonkey (1Tb of networked storage) and costs just under $75.00/month.

We have been paying $115/month for Comcast Internet and phone without the networked storage. (We're long past Comcast's teaser charges.) So that's $40 less per month for Vivint, which is sufficient cost savings to put up with the hassles of getting Vivint's connection working adequately (I hope). If we experience frequent slowdowns, interruptions in service, or other problems, we will, however, go right back to Comcast (there is currently no Utopia or other direct fiber service to our neighborhood, although the fiber has been laid down our street).

My guess is once that direct-to-house fiber goes live, Vivint's radio-based technology will be toast. To sum up: this was a really frustrating dog-and-pony show of setting things up on Vivint's part, and I don't really have high hopes for a long business relationship with them based on their demonstrated incompetence.

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