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I'm still with Vivint for now, but it hasn't been an easy journey.In the time I've been with Vivint I've had so many outages that required me to wait multiple days without internet to get a technician to my house.

I've only survived because I used my phone as a hotspot.

Initially, I had to have my radio replaced 3 or 4 times just because they didn't ground it the first few times and it kept dying. Since they grounded it, they haven't had to replace it.

When I originally signed up, the technician that installed it showed me a map that showed there were two access points I could point to. One time I had a technician come out to fix it after I lost internet and I asked him if he could try pointing the radio at the other AP to see if it would fix the speed issues. He refused.

Much later another tech came out to fix my internet outage again and he pointed it at the other AP no problem. Since then I've had much better speeds (I can actually get the 45-50 Mb I've been paying for).

However, I've had a problem for many months now where I lose internet every minute or so for a few seconds, even before pointing at the new AP. It just keeps cutting out. I asked them once if they would replace the radio (because that's what I suspect the problem is) and they wouldn't.

I probably need to start bugging them about it again because it's very annoying.

All in all, I can't say I've been very happy with my experience. I've needed far too many technicians to come out and it takes them far too long to come (they don't work Sundays apparently either).

I still hang on because I like the price, the speeds (when it works) and I don't really like my other options.But more and more I'm tempted to crawl back to CenturyLink.

Original review posted by user Aug 12, 2014

I signed up for their 50 Mb wireless internet. At first all I could get was speeds around 15-20 Mb. They had a couple different technicians come out at which point they replaced the radio and said the first one wasn't aligned properly. Since then I've been able to get about 30-35 Mb - a far cry from the 50 promised. I've had another technician come out and take a look and it seems that no one has an explanation. They've just said that there is ongoing work on the backend, replacing old equipment and such that should hopefully solve the problem in the next 6 months.

Frustrating, but whatever. Then I come home a couple days ago and find that I have no internet at all. I called them up and after a few other things they have me unplug the PoE injector and plug it in again to reboot the radio on the roof. Nothing. They ended up scheduling a technician to come out a full two days later! I'm a software engineer and I need internet for a living. You'd think that they might prioritize people with absolutely NO internet over other lower priority jobs, but no. Just wait your turn. So they're supposed to come by noon today. That's in 20 minutes and I haven't heard anything yet.

I'm incredibly frustrated to say the least. I want to like them because I really don't want to go back to CenturyLink, but I can't afford to be without internet like this for two days!

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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada #1316890

This Vivint company sucks..We have asked for help by phoning them..

why this company in Utah of Vivint not helping Canadian people in Regina, Saskatchewan at all.. all we see it was low battery but where is that coming from.. I would suggest people in Canada do not buy Vivint at all..

no help..this company sucks pretty bad..

Richmond, Virginia, United States #1260265

I'm being having the same issues since day one. I believe some one needs to sue this guys. Is any one knows where can we legit complain about this?


Internet was down all weekend.We made sure it was nothing on our end.

We even follow the instructions on their website. Which I had to access using my phone data.

It was incredibly frustrating to have to wait 3 days to use something I pay for either way.This was the 3rd time this month that we lost service for more than 6 hours.


I am having the same issue with them. Piece of $#%* service.


My router would only support 35mg connection speeds, Vivint gave me a new one and bam I am well over 70-80 everyday.


I'm in San Antonio and I'm getting 5.54 down and 28 up...this sucks.


Your very patient.I dealt with it for a few months then cancelled.

Similar experiences with techs having to come out frequently and talking to tech support all the time...Glad I cancelled


to Anonymous #1149150

Were you able to cancel w/o penalties? If so how?


When the Internet goes down, it is EXTREMELY difficult to contact Vivent!!!!


Vivint - the "most unreliable network".I've had Vivint wireless for 3 months now and have never been so frustrated in my life.

I've had several outages which lasted over 4-8 hrs each. I need internet for work and cannot have this type of unreliable service. Every time you call, you have to wait to speak with someone to who just tells you "there is a area wide outage and they're working on it... there is not an ETA yet but we have technicians working on it trying to figure it out.

They currently don't know what's going on? " -- WOW. That instills confidence in the product.

I had a similar technology in DIGIS for over 2 years and never had these kind of outages nor this type of service in over the 2 years I was with them.I would never recommend them to my worst enemies and it's unfortunate because I like the company Vivint and what they do here in the community.

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