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I had a system installed on July 6th & used the weekend to check it out. My wife & I decided to use the 3 day opt out clause because we just didn't like the lengthy contract & high fees.

GOOD LUCK! Nobody ever calls back, you get put on hold forever, you fax in the cancellation portion of the contract & they say they never received it. I cancelled my bank card & stopped payment on the check I wrote. They do not seem to care & always say "we haven't received the cancellation".


HORRIBLE SERVICE AFTER THE SALE! I feel they have locked me into this contract by simply sidestepping the 3 day clause.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Location: Matthews, North Carolina

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Vivint appreciates this customers feedback. Should a customer’s notice of cancellation be received and processed outside their 3-day right of rescission, it will be honored provided it is postmarked within the aforementioned 3-day period. This subscriber is encouraged to contact our Customer Loyalty team to resolve the concerns outlined in their

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When we signed up, we were told we could downgrade our package.

We had a lot of life events that kept us busy and never got around to calling until about a year later. We were willing to cut our losses. All we've had were errors. We had vivint come out to "fix" the problem twice, and it's always still broken.

So... We are paying them near $100 monthly for a back door lock that never works. A thermostat that is always frozen and never provides the correct temperature. We actually want it off the wall and our old one back... but hey. Cameras that are always broken. Fortunately, we haven't needed to test the alarm system ... God forbid that fails when we need it.

All we wanted to do was downgrade. Keep throwing money away for a program that doesn't work... and thus far, no success. We want out.


I am the original poster.

They finally came out & removed their *** after I threatened to go to the social network sites.

They will NOT hook up your original system stating liability issues!

They left me with a totally non working system & holes in my ceiling.

Vivint SUCKS!

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