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Vivint thanks this customer for their feedback and for taking the time to share their experience with PissedConsumer. Before Vivint installs a system in a potential customers home they are required to complete a survey over the phone where our Data Entry department goes over all of the information regarding the account and the agreed upon length of the agreement. Once the survey is completed Vivint will install a system in the customer’s home. In the event the customer is wanting to cancel the agreement before the original term is completed the customer will have the option of either paying off the remaining balance on the agreement, or they can transfer the agreement and the system to another party who will continue to pay out the remaining portion of the term. In the event that the equipment installed in the home is faulty Vivint will replace the faulty sensor under warranty. Should the customer wish to have one of Vivint’s field service professionals come to the home instead of installing the new equipment themselves than we will arrange a date for the service to take place.

I was very clear with the Vivint salesman; I wanted to be billed directly. I did not want this company to have access to any of my accounts. He assured me that would be the case. In early June of 2012, I signed a 42 month contract.

Within 10 days of installation, the siren went off. It was a false alarm, but I needed to run home to deactivate it.

Shortly thereafter, I received a letter dated June 16, 2012. It stated that the credit card I used for the deposit would be directly billed by Vivint. I complained. “It is the way”, Vivint responded. I demanded an end to the contract. They responded, once I paid the 3.5 year cost, would they agree to an early termination.

A couple of weeks later, the siren went off again. Once again I had to leave my job. Once again it was a false signal. Once again the police advised me that I will be charged if they responded a third time to a false alarm. Once again I complained to Vivint and demanded an end to the contract. Once again I was told that until the contract was paid in full, it will remain in effect. However, until they sent a technician, I should not arm the alarm. The equipment was found to be faulty and had to be replaced.

In September 2013, I got our first low battery signal. Though I replaced the batteries, the beeps continued. The Vivint agent who worked with me finally agreed to send a new sensor, showed me how to by-pass the sensor and once again advised me not to arm the system until the new sensor was installed. The piece that arrived was very different from the original sensor and I could not get the panel to recognize it. A month later I got a 2nd low battery signal. Once again, the panel did not register that fresh batteries had been inserted and I ended up by-passing that sensor as well.

It is now May of 2014. For 8 months I avoided the frustration of calling Vivint by not arming the alarm I was still paying for. That peace came to an abrupt end Sunday, May 4 around 9AM. The panel started beeping again, low battery signal. This time the by-pass procedure did not work. Six hours later, 5 calls to Vivint later, the beeping continued. Finally, I disconnected the system from all power sources.

Once again I want out, once again Vivint says buy me out.

In the almost 60 years of my life, I have never encountered a more despicable company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Installation.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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