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Vivint appreciates this individual’s feedback. We have partnered with and 2GIG Technologies to create seamless and affordable security and automation solutions for every home and family. Vivint makes a commitment to install, service, and monitor all customers in-house. We pride ourselves on our award-winning Customer Care professionals and two CSAA Certified Five Diamond monitoring stations. Vivint makes a conscious effort to address any and all concerns on a case-by-case basis.

Vivint just rebrands Linear's 2GIG then acts as though it and the back end is theirs when in reality they do a *** poor job installing the 2GIG system (hence numerous call backs to fix issues), and monitor the system at exorbitant rates and lock you into a contract that is near impossible to cancel auto renewal on (hence the numerous states suing them in, and the 2000+ complaints on the Utah BBB page).

All they do is install, and monitor ADC backend out of their Provo/St. Paul Central Stations.

Well, I got tired of them, and took my system elsewhere. No contract, home automation for $27/month

If you are tired of Vivint's BS, but want to keep the equipment, and go elsewhere, then here is how I did it (panel installer code 2203):

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Vivint can out to replace panel with newer version, soon as they left I used this to disable the lockouts, and enable the zwave services on panel.


This is awesome info! Used the step by step instructions on the diy security forums link to reprogram and switch the monitoring of the Vivint panel in my new home (the Vivint panel was existing from previous owners and they wanted me to take over the contract), now I have monitoring month to month, no contract, energy and home automation for $27/month!

I called Vivint, and they wanted $74/month with me having to sign a new contract. I said I don't think so, bought an $80 3G Verizon module, and had had the panel unlocked by suretyCAM.