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Should never answered the door or let the sales rep in. Down hill from there. Lies and more lies, promises of month utility savings. Well, where are they? So far my bill as gone from around 60 with delivery in the summer months to a staggering 63.51 base, still waiting for the other shoe to drop, that will be the delivery charges from National Grid. I'll guess around 80.00 or more for the month. He shoved a contract in front of me and proceeded to demonstrate the savings I would receive on his tablet. You know little mountains and grids.

Well how can you save a bloody dime when they charge 10.5 cents per kWh versus National Grids 4.5 cents? Neat trick. Learned that late. Next, do you own a computer? Yes. We need it for billing, we will use one of your credit cards every time, every month. Oh no you will not! Next, well Okay if it bothers you that much. I am elderly, alone, usually depressed having lost my husband, mother and father, so there is just me, 2 cats and a hovel I was desperately trying to fix up. Just sign here, then initial here. I never got to read the

contract, albeit I could have asked him to leave it with me but I had just taken my medication for anxiety and some severe depression issues so I just signed it, ***, you bet! Proceeds to explain how the energy I don't use during the warm months goes into a bank and is returned to National Grid as a credit. Well, yet another lie. I have only made 2 payments to Vivint Solar and they covered the cost of the actual usage of electricity for that period. Out the window with the "bank" story. Next was oh, thank you so much I'll be in touch, just as soon as you sign here and initial here. My goodness he was fast, done and

over, my goose was, as I have come to realize, was cooked but good. He never said a word about the monster hardware to be attached to the side of my home. How attractive, looks like the launch pad for a space shuttle, pipes, boxes, more boxes, more pipes. Well that pissed me off. Then he said where is you computer? Why? We need to attach monitoring equipment to the tower. Well, that did not make me happy at all. You said it was for billing. Yes I know, I forgot this part. Any other parts forgotten? During the wee hours of the morning I tried to use my machine, she was not acting correctly. I had not watched them as the team of computer surgeons worked on her so I did not know how to get this junk off of her. After 2 attempts and 4 hours, I got it and we were back in business. They came back with a different device, explaining the first ones were junk. This time I watched very carefully and all seem well. It wasn't so that too was promptly removed and thrown in a drawer. They sent a man out here who told me that there was a negative sign in front of the word "web" and it should be a positive sign. I politely told him to turn around, walk back the way he came and leave NOW! The billing was the biggest issue and this "bank" thing. There is no bank, how can there be if you use 609.40 kWh power at 10.5 cents per and it comes out to 63.91 and you get a notice to pay Utah 63.91 where does the bank come into play? I did all the math at National Grid rates and for the billing cycle they owed me 11.21 + 36.22. Cut me a check, I will put it in a little jar and come winter it will be

there for National Grid. They continue to tell me I do not understand how this works. I am

old, scared, depressed, and on medication but that does not make me ***. I asked how big a fool do you think I am? There is no "bank", there is no money left over, not at those rates and that what I would have saved had I not answered the door would still be safely in my checking account right now. Now the double talk really starts. we are trying to work with you Debbie, you don't understand. Oh but I do. No bank, no savings, no money!!! It is a simple concept. You lied to be yet again. I want to go back with National Grid and they said you can, just cough up 36 thousand dollars and we will take our blocks and go home!

I was trying so hard to save money having been previously burnt by 3 really bad contractors and saving for a washing machine that this whole scenario got to me. I have had it with you people, I am stuck with outrageous rates, combined with *** on the side of my home along with feeling *** for even doing any of this because the two words sucked me in, free and savings. Well as it stands it sure was not free, double my utility bill, thus no savings either! Stuck with this mess for 20 years, no will want to purchase this building on those terms. She was in rough enough shape physically before now throw cow *** on the mix and you are doomed until they shovel in the dirt!. Just read the other horror stories of people with nice looking homes but unfortunately the same cow *** problem. The new owner must accept the terms of the same agreement this fool signed. Yeah, piece of cake!!

I got no where with the Better Business Bureau (Buyer Beware), no where with Consumer Complaints (25.00 lighter) my goodness what is left? Pray a plane falls from the sky and

makes a direct hit, tornado, hurricane, house fire, and the old standby, just resign yourself to a life of no more improvements, no more looking forward to the next day, I guess that only leaves the old fashion way, suicide. Then I was asked to supply them with my last 6 utility bills, done. Lord only knows what that is about, maybe a good laugh on me in the break room. Hey, look how little she used to get charged versus what we accomplished!!!! I need to start putting money away now for school taxes, get in at least a chord of wood, that's 300.00, fire starters, get the vehicle to the dealership (no warranty left) no washing

machine, no more sewing, (costs electricity) no lights after dark, mow the lawn, stack the wood, vacuum, usual chores and feel like dirt bag *** until the end of days or 20 years. We know which one comes first. I have no friends here, no family, strange neighborhood scrape up 150.00 for my medication, money for cat food and litter, pay the car insurance this month and sit on the couch, look out the window and say, why Deb, why? My only company is growing older and they may get sick. We know what vet bills can run. I eat

every few days and just stay *** and sad, not to mention stuck. Gee, don't forget you

can look forward to freezing for a few months, that chord will not last long here at all. It was on the list, blown in insulation, not now. They will catch on real quick to what I just did shortly, I need a smaller utility bill for July, their system seems to have caught a cold or something, maybe the flu. Yes I had big plans, get everything ready, 2 chords of wood,

light the fireplace and the wood burner in the basement and get a second stand alone heater but Vivint Solar took care of those plans. Well I am starting to tear up again. Think I could say I was not in my right mind when I signed the agreement? Probably not but do

me a personal favor, stay the *** away from Vivint, run, don't walk and keep walking. Vivint will call me Tuesday about explaining the "bank" thing again, my answer is the same, cut me a check and I'll behave and shut my mouth. They also are desperate to put a y stick on their equipment outside, can't have that, they will find out our secret. No scans you have all seen those big blue or black panels on roofs before.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $36000.

Preferred solution: Lower the percentage per kWh to that of National Grid and cut me a check, then I'll leave you alone and you leave me alone.

I didn't like: Contract, Cancellation policies, Omission of facts acceptable.

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Manlius, New York, United States #1233307

National grid 4.5 cents per kw?????

They charge more than that just for delivery. Get someone to explain your bill to you.

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1332927

You don't know what a PPA does, you need a see a year cycle to see the whole picture... that being said vivint does employ aggressive sales tactics and training with a sub-par product.

I would avoid vivint.

That being said its not vivints fault you

1) signed a contract you hadnt read

2) didn't understand what you were getting into

3) don't understand how your system work, it very well could be saving you money.

Manlius, New York, United States #1233302

Sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed and wants to blame Vivint for everything.


When does Vivint solar post the monthly charges to thier website?


Lady you are lost.

Delmar, New York, United States #1119517

What a crock of ***.

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