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Yes , it's time to sue Vivint; I spent 1356.00 at Best Buy for their "Smart Home System".. I had to leave town (which was the primary reason for getting the system installed).

At about 90 days (not even the full 120 days).. the system just quit working, I couldn't check in on security from my phone. I was several hundred miles away when this happened, and could not get back into town until April. The system was installed in Sept. failed Dec. 23, 2017.. I could not get back until April 2018. I spent hours discussing this issue and was assured not to worry, everything was probably ok, it was more or less an internet problem and they wanted to know if there was anyone I trusted who could go to the house to access the panel!HUH?

Yeah, that makes perfect sense, just give somebody my key. When I arrived home in April, the system was not active, the panel had froze. The door bell didn't work, the out door camera didn't work, I was surprised also there was no alarm voice after my entrance. They then said they'd send a tech out.

Tech did not show up. They then rescheduled; Tech called and canceled, said, I'd have to reschedule. I got back online with the chat and made another appointment. She rescheduled for today May 3 from 10a-12p.

However, I noticed I had an email I didn't open until yesterday ... it was the chat operator saying Our chat was disconnected before I could finish scheduling the technician. Our system is having issues so it did NOT schedule the technician. I will try to schedule this a little bit later.

I'll keep you updated. I said, WHAT? I saved the chat, that confirmed the appointment. I still have not heard back.

It has been months of pure b.s. -- at one point I spoke to their loyalty department and wanted a full refund because the service failed in the first 90 days while I was out of town. They said they couldn't do that, but they credited 199.00 for past months of it not working.

I am so sick of this... it's been a constant headache.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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