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Vivint thanks this customer for their review and we hope that we can get everything taken care of to the customer’s satisfaction. We appreciate the efforts and sacrifice of our military members and as such, provide several options for them to cancel when they receive orders. If they are deployed or relocated on base, they may cancel their agreement with no penalty. If they are discharged or moved to a location not on base, this does not apply and they have the standard move or cancellation options available to them. These include moving service to their new home, transferring service to a third party, or paying off the remaining balance. In order to take advantage of any of these options, we ask that customers contact our Customer Loyalty team at 800-216-5232 x5020.

While my husband was still in listed in the army a vivint sale person show up and offer us a system that sound good so we ask him if we move can we cancel he said sure no problem because my husband was getting ready to retire and was moving back to Georgia but we was going to stay with his mother for a while well the day came and they said no but we will suspend your service until you want it then he get a bill saying the suspension off now you owe but they never pick up the equipment from the house we rented in Oklahoma and they want give us amount to close out the offer

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