I purchased a home 18 months ago, the previous owners had a Vivint Security system, that I wasn't interested in transferring, so we deactivated the service, but the panel and motion detectors remained installed. Up until about 3 months ago, we had no issues -- but then suddenly the door bell ( a Vivint product) stopped working...

than every time we opened a garage door, the panel would beep and not stop and warned us that the door was still open when it wasn't. It became unbearable, so I finally called Vivint to find out how to deactivate the panel.... pay them to come out and uninstall it... or just make the system shut up.....

I'm not unreasonable, I'll pay a tech to come out if it comes down to that, but the response I got from them was.... "Oh well, that's not our responsibility"... I couldn't believe how rude the "manager" I talked to was, and I even warned him I would take to social media to make sure everyone knows how poorly they were treating me... the "manager's" response was to go right ahead....

This seemed crazy to me that as a manager he literally did not care... but now I know why. I started tweeting and posting my poor experience and quickly got a public message from them to direct message them so they can help.... I thought...finally, someone that actually cares....

NOPE, they shared the same sentiment as the "manager" and did literally nothing. So, I started posting more and tweeting more... and they've now blocked my account, to try and keep me from sharing this with others, however I'm now even more motivated to warn consumers about the horrible experience I've had, and their attempt to cover it up.

Social media is a tool for consumers, and businesses that are trying to stifle the feedback about their product to falsely prop up their brand is deceitful. Whatever you do --- do not use this company, they are frauds and they do not care that their products are faulty and their customer service makes United airlines look like the gold standard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Make the deactivated security system stop beeping for no reason.

Vivint Cons: Customer service, Products.

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yup RUDE as *** poor service on the phone and no the serv techs arent the best trained either Take off the crap tell them to come pick it up Its not your and get a decent system at the hardware store for no monthly fee no mafia collections attached


They sound awful!!How did you resolve the beeping?


Ripped it out of the wall and pulled all of the wiring out, and put all of their products where they belong... the garbage.

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