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The system is great they definitely did the job of security .. however it did come to an unfortunate price at the end.

Their customer service are not on one accord. Constant inconsistencies when it came to cancellation due to moving. My family and I were moving to a different state. Not only that we fulfilled our two year contract as agreed an continued with them month to month.

They were giving a an early notice before an after departure. An they still collected money for 4 months after we were gone. Unacceptable!!! how can a companu feel comfortable to take money from a loyal customer where their services are no longer being utilized?

Its not just about the money its the respect of taking care of your loyal customer. They failed!! Just doesnt seem to be an loyalty at all. An then had the nerve to turn an tell me how i failed to send this information because they didnt receive a email of cancellation until 3 months later..

what a way to say a customer is wrong an computers are always right. Computers never make mistakes... that's unfortunate. So we depend on a email more than we confirmation of a telephone call of confirmation.....

They have record of me calling the time that i called as i left the residence of where the alarm system was located... But thats not the kicker... at the end of the conversation as they have been stealing.... yes now stealing hecause services were not being utilized for 3 to 4 months they then me in the end that i would need to get with there legal team?

Was that suppose to intimidate me? Or was that a challenge? What kind of behavior is that? How you treated customer will not go unnoticed vivint.

You've definitely lost one customer an if this behavior keeps it wont be the last.Thank you but no thank you. Money means more to you than the intregity of service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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