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Vivint appreciates this customer taking the time to submit a review. Vivint does not install any equipment without written consent of the customer. The agreement signed prior to installation outlines the price and terms of the security system. The aforementioned terms are reinforced through a required pre-installation survey conducted with a corporate representative. We apologize for any misunderstanding or misinformation provided by a Vivint sales representative. Vivint takes claims of fraudulent sales tactics very seriously and this situation will be passed to the appropriate parties. We encourage potential and existing customers to verify the credentials of representatives from any company, Vivint
representatives can be verified by calling 800-216-5232 or by visiting

Deceptive practices. 2 Vivint Reps who were not identified in any way as Vivint reps, saw the ADP sign in the yard, knocked on my parents' door and said they were from the alarm company and needed to talk about my parents' renewal.

Told them they would upgrade the system for free - my parents (79 & 83) thought this was ADT who did a good job and never cheated them.

Vivint added some new contacts and charged them. Talked them into a new thermostat and charged them and they ended up with a monthly bill that was $20 more than they were paying ADT with a 3 year contract. The thermostat didn't work well - house would get to 60 and the heat wouldn't turn on even though it was set to 70.

Took many phone calls and talking to a supervisor twice before they finally took the thermostat off the monthly but my parents are stuck with the higher payment.

Nice sales strategy - go through an old neighborhood, find senior citizens with an alarm system, and trick them into wasting part of their small fixed income. I guess if you fail at selling crappy used cars you can go to work for Vivint.

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To comment number 2.... You and I both know that Vivint reps would not be fired on the spot.

That is a bunch of bull... If you work for Vivint you know I am right!

to Fred #660299

False Fred. It's not allowed, it is dismissible. If you've actually worked at a multi billion dollar company with the pride and integrity that Vivint has you'd know this.


Sorry, Just one more thing. Those reps all wear a shirt that says VIVINT in orange on it.

Same with the Technicians. If a man you do not know walks up to your door in plain clothes and says he is a police officer to let him in, would you? .. Of course not, you check his identification.

Look at the shirt, look at the badge they have to wear to show they are a Vivint Sales Rep.

Just some tips to those of you who feel you were duped by someone saying they were someone that they were not. Look for ID, Ask for ID.


If that were the case, than please call them to report it. Make sure you know the reps name so that they can fire him.

Doing that is what is called SLAMMING, and it is prohibited in any sales industry. Vivint specifically trains their sales people to NOT do that, and they all know they will be fired on the spot for Misrepresentation. It is NOT Vivint who Slammed your parents / grandparents, it was a sales rep with poor moral standards.

If your parents didnt know how to operate the thermostat, or it would not work, all that had to be done was to call and schedule a technician to come out and fix it.

If it was within the 1st 120 days of the contract it would be a free trip, otherwise it is like a $49 trip fee to send him out.. As for your "Nice Sales Strategy" comment, they go thru ALL NEIGHBORHOODS where there are home owners. The pricing is clearly stated on the agreement, and the name of the company is clearly stated on the agreement. I understand that some people sign contracts without reading them, or at least the LARGE print right there on the front of their contract, but dont blame someone's oversight on the person that had them sign it.

But DO PLEASE call Vivint at 800-216-5232 and ask for the retention department. Tell them your parents were slammed by Vivint Reps, and give them the reps name, and the tech that was with him/her. I guarantee that person will be fired immediately, it is their policy to NOT SLAM anyone, as it is immoral, and not honest. I have gone thru their training, in both Sales and Customer Support, and know this to be true.

Please note that these are MY opinions and not the opinions of Vivint.

I am not an employee, just a person speaking his opinions and knowledge on their sales practices and contracts. Have a great day!


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