Kendall Park, New Jersey
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The reason I did not choose Vivint because a sales manager by names of Addison Arfaras came into home while making his presentation I turned my back for one second and he stole my Samsung tablet off my kitchen table. So please beware of who you let come into your home

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Sales Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Vivint is an amazing company offer an amazing product. If you say this guy stole donyou have proof?

Did you file a police report? I'd love to follow up on your claims.

Did you fail credit and your pissed and that is why you committing slander?

You should be glad he doesn't file a suit for defamation of character and slander charges for this.

The guy wears a watch probably more expensive than anything you have ever owned.


I found him to be a very charming and polite young man. He set us up yesterday, upon doing some reasearch I found this posting and must say it's odd.

I wouldn't take him to be someone that would steal, especially that he wears a breitling for a watch daily (my husband commented on it being like a $5k watch)

The real question to know if this is a bogus post....If you turned your back...then how do you know he stole it?

How did he leave your house holding it without you calling the police? In his defense its trolls like you that give bad names to good hard working guys.

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