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Where to start? First we were led to believe that we were signing up for a year, then after all the papers, which yes we should have read, but believed the sales guy, fund we had actually signed on for 3 years. If only that was it and the service had been good, we could have sucked it up and taken our lumps as lesson learned.

BUt , the equipment and service is terrible, don't expect to use video to catch any criminal, the resolution is awful. course, you may never know that you had people who didn't belong due to the many, many pictures the camera takes of trees moving, leaves blowing, light shifting, yes, light shifting at sunset, sunrise. or if the person moves fast enough. THe darn camera caught every time the trees blew but we found out we had a visitor we didn't want who knew about camera and it caught a fragment of the shirt he wore from back. 50-100 pictures of the wind blowing a day, we contacted the company to let them know, this was for the doorbell camera and the other one they provided. THey kept promising action, but none .

THe only useful part of the system is being able to lock and unlock doors and set thermostat for a/c and heat. The cameras , which were main reason we wanted it are garbage and once they have the contract and have convinced all the neighbors to join because you did, they are gone like donuts before church.

some service

then if you decide not to pay since they are not upholding their side,they take you to some sleazeball collection agency and they call saying they are on the way to your house to deliver documents and scare you into taking action when they are really just scamming you , no one is coming. they just want your info.

what a bunch of crooks. do not get their service. it would be better to take your chances with robbers in your house.

there are far better systems, which have better cameras and customer service. these people have no honor.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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