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This is most definitely, without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life.

Started off as two guys that came to my door selling home alarm systems. They sweet talked us and we signed a 3 year contract.

FIRST they promised us that if we didn't like it that we had 2 weeks to call and cancel service. After just 5 days we knew we hated the system and when we called to cancel they told us we only had a 3 day cancellation window NOT 2 weeks like the salesmen had told us. We asked if there was anything we could do and they said we could buy out the contract for $2,000. So we lived with a house alarm for 39 months that we never even turned on.

We waited until 3 years was over and we called to cancel and they said, "I'm sorry, your contract was up on the 1st of LAST month.. so we renewed you for another 12 month contract."

EXCUSE ME? without us signing anything? So, I went back and checked our original contract and it states. "Contract continues for thirty nine months and will automatically continue from MONTH TO MONTH thereafter unless cancelled by either parties" So, I told them that over the phone. They said that we can fax in a notice saying that we would like to cancel and that it will be "Submitted for approval."

So we faxed a paper in. The next month we were charged like normal, I called and asked why and they said they never received the fax. So I faxed it again and emailed a cancelation as well. We were then billed AGAIN 2 weeks later. I called again.. this went on for 4 months before I put a stop payment on my account. WELL that got their attention! I finally got what seemed like a nice lady on the phone that was SEEMINGLY sympathetic. She said if I emailed her a copy of the fax we sent in that she would even refund us for 4 months! Sounds too good to be true from this shady company? Yeah, it was. When I called two weeks later after receiving a phone call from their company asking why we aren't paying our bill, the "nice" lady states that she has no recollection of such email, fax or conversation. I hang up and call back to speak with someone else. I go through the whole process again and this "nice" young man tells me I will receive a letter of cancellation as well as a refund in the mail in 5-7 days. YAY! finally! Success!

Nope, two weeks later I get another call asking me why I'm not paying my bill. This time I talk to a supervisor who states that they can't issue me a refund because somehow they have no record of me trying to cancel. No emails, no faxes..

I want to jump through the phone and see if these people are real and not just heartless robots.

I do not recommend this shady company. I have been lied to from the start, I have been scammed out of my money for a year and they don't even honor their own contract!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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