Vivint personnel have lied & heated me out of almost $6,000. Starting with someone coming to my door around 4th of July 2007 & chatting with me about my home security system (which I already had through a different company), next thing I knew there were a few guys in my house installing a new system.

I was charged about $45.00 per month (for 5 years I was told). At the 5 year point, I called and was told, oh yeah, that's how much the monitoring costs. No one mentioned that I could discontinue paying at that time. I called in more recently to ask a question and again, was not advised that I had the option of stopping.

A couple of weeks ago I got an "urgent" email stating that I should call immediately because of some changes in service in my area. When I called I was told that AT&T were taking down cell towers & installing fiber optics which would require me to install a new system. The original price they gave me was about $1500, when I protested they told me it could be paid over time. When I protested further I was transferred to Kyla Adams who, when I continued to protest the price, ended up telling me that because I'd been with the company for so long installation would be free & furthermore, he offered to take $10 off of my monthly fee, taking it down to $34.99 in perpetuity.

This was 1/18/17. I insisted that because he was recording my call, that he record himself making me this offer.I made an appointment and then 4 hours later cancelled after thinking about how Vivint had already duped me so many times....so....here comes the really good part, AT&T recently advised my neighborhood that they would be installing fiber optic lines. When I asked them if it would affect my security system I was told that it wouldn't as I am using a land line. I asked this question several more times in different wording and was assured that nothing AT&T was doing would affect my security system in any way.

So, I called to cancel my service immediately but was told that customer loyalty was closed.

At this time, while I've been writing this I have been on hold for 15 minutes after pressing the "discontinue service" prompt....during which I keep getting the recorded *** about how vivint gives back, how honest they are, etc. I find this company to be reprehensible and will do my best to discourage anyone I know to ever use Vivint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Vivint Cons: Sales tactics, Lies, Coercion to upgrade when not needed.

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