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Vivint thanks this individual for their feedback and for taking the time to submit a review with PissedConsumer. We ensure each customer is aware of the terms of their agreement, both in writing and during required telephonic pre- and post-installation surveys. We apologize for any misinformation and for any financial hardship this customer may have encountered. According to our records, this subscriber was offered a deferment to which they declined. Vivint offers two cancellation options which are available at any time and this customer is encouraged to contact our Customer Loyalty team to explore the possibilities for their account.

Vivint sent a liar, cheat and a thief to our home to sell us a Burglar system. He tried to get me to agree to 42 months on the phone with his money people at the company and two times I refused.

So the salesman said “no problem, I am so sure you will love this system, we will not hold you to 42 months. We’ve had the system for 27 months and my hours got cut back to 32 hours per week and I now have one child in college and one starting at the end of this year. My wife and I both had expensive surgeries last year and my job may not be here Oct 1, 2013 because of Government cut backs. I called a money girl at Vivint and explained all of this to her and she offered me a couple of options that may have helped a very small bit but I was so angry, I told her to keep it, that I would not recommend Vivint to anyone and I would have to borrow money to pay their stinking bill.

Later, I find out others in our Fort Worth Texas neighborhood were lied to also. One woman whose husband was not at home told me a Vivint salesman came to her home when her husband was not at home and gave her a hard sell. She ask him to leave and heard something in the laundry room it was his installer starting to take her thermostat controls off to replace them with Vivint controls. She yelled for them both to leave, she was calling the police.

In reading my very long contract I do see the 42 month clause there. I missed it before (my bad). This still does not excuse the lies the salesman and his money girl told me about our deal.

It also does not excuse this companies total lack of compassion for good customers who have hit very hard times. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

Jimmy Hix

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Customer Care.

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