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-I original signed up with Vivint at Best Buy in Nov.2017 I got a full package deal doorbell and 2 outdoor cameras and one inside cameras they charged me $2200 for everything. I asked several different questions about the service the company ect and made sure they was a legit company I asked the sales rep about cancellation he told me I could cancel at Any Time!

Everything seem ok so i purchase the system my installation appointment wasn't until the following weekend so I did some research on the cameras prices just to make sure I was getting the best deal possible because I felt that was a little pricey I called Vivint one the phone to get a free quote and make sure the prices match what I already paid for and it $500 cheaper so the sales rep up charged me I was furious I explained to them what was going on and they canceled my contact with Vivint i bought at Best Buy. Right then in there I should've stopped their service because of the extremely high price different but i got the better deal and went with the cheaper price. The lady I spoke with over the phone was very nice and kept apologizing for what had happen to me and told me if I need anything call her she gave me this number (385)269-0829 got off the phone and received a text message from the phone number she gave saying "congratulation thanks for signing up with Vivnt!" A few days went by and I had a question about a payment so I text the number for an answer in the A.M no one respond I called later that day and no one picked up it didn't even have a voice mail for me to ask my questions. I thought that was a little strange but not a big deal just didn't know why she would give me a phone number that I couldn't use finally got my cameras installed and it was great starting off everything was working fine had a few connection problems for live feed here and there but nothing major until my doorbell started saying "talk is currently unavailable" on the Vivint app so I kept calling them to trouble shoot the problem they would fix it and then a few weeks later it would go out again...during the 5 months with the service been a nightmare for me.

March 12th i setup and appointment to move my equipment to a new house and I set it up for Sunday April 8th from 8am-12pm to uninstall my service and from 12pm-4pm to install the cameras to the new house now Sunday was my only free day for a while and I made it very clear to the rep when setting up my appointment that everything has to be done on that day. The guy came to my house to uninstall my equipment around 11:30am and got done in about 30mins which was noon he told me someone else was coming out to install the equipment to the new house I thought that was odd when he was already at my house taking everything down he could've just install everything right then in there to the new house which was couple houses down. He told me he only uninstall the equipment and left so I waited til about 3:30pm no one showed called I called Vivint and they told me that my 12pm-4pm appointment got cancel I had no idea no one called me gave me any update on what was going on I spend the whole day waiting for nothing. Called Monday morning to cancel my service because of the extremely poor service I have been getting and it was a battle just to get my point across to the loyalty department spoke with the manger for over a hour they said I can't cancel even tho they agreed the service was extremely poor all he wanted to do is reschedule me another appointment and give me a credit for a free month I explained to him that I'm not happy with the service i just want to cancel I gave Vivnt at-least 5times to make things right and everything its been a headache i just want to cancel and return the equipment back to them and cut ties.

He was very rude to me and the only thing he was doing was making examples to make me feel stupid on why i cant cancel.

I explained to him that the original guy from Best Buy said i could cancel at anytime he told me the only way I could cancel is if my situation felling into one of the cancellation category that they feel like it's a reason to cancel which was Death,Military,Alzheimer,Bankruptcy poor service isn't good enough to cancel now. so BEWARE when you sign up with Vivint your STUCK INTO A CONTRACT you cant break it unless one of those things apply to you they don't have a early termination fee for poor service you have to pay the full balance of what ever you order!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Yes , it's time to sue Vivint; I spent 1356.00 at Best Buy for their "Smart Home System".. I had to leave town (which was the primary reason for getting the system installed).At about 90 days (not even the full 120 days)..

the system just quit working, I couldn't check in on security from my phone. I was several hundred miles away when this happened, and could not get back into town until April. The system was installed in failed Dec. 23, 2017..

I could not get back until April 2018. I spent hours discussing this issue and was assured not to worry, everything was probably ok, it was more or less an internet problem and they wanted to know if there was anyone I trusted who could go to the house to access the panel!HUH?Yeah, that makes perfect sense, just give somebody my key. When I arrived home in April, the system was not active, the panel had froze. The door bell didn't work, the out door camera didn't work, I was surprised also there was no alarm voice after my entrance.

They then said they'd send a tech out.Tech did not show up. They then rescheduled; Tech called and canceled, said, I'd have to reschedule. I got back online with the chat and made another appointment. She rescheduled for today May 3 from 10a-12p.However, I noticed I had an email I didn't open until yesterday ...

it was the chat operator saying Our chat was disconnected before I could finish scheduling the technician. Our system is having issues so it did NOT schedule the technician. I will try to schedule this a little bit later.I'll keep you updated. I said, WHAT?

I saved the chat, that confirmed the appointment. I still have not heard back.It has been months of pure b.s. -- at one point I spoke to their loyalty department and wanted a full refund because the service failed in the first 90 days while I was out of town.

They said they couldn't do that, but they credited 199.00 for past months of it not working.I am so sick of this... it's been a constant headache.

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