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We're sorry that you had a bad experience with out company! We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. Our customers should be able to rely on us any time, day or night, which is why our reps are available 24x7x365 to resolve any issue that comes our way. If you're experiencing difficulties with your system or your service please give us a call at 800.216.5232, or email us at for assistance. We also welcome any feedback on our products and services. Thank you!

My husband and I purchased this security system due to the vivint rep stating that there had been break-ins in our neighborhood recently. We are a year and a half into it with a payment of $54.00 per month.

My issue is this, I have been downsized from my job only getting 36 hours per week versus 40 and the payments are coming directly out of our bank account. I get paid every two weeks. They take out the payment whether my paycheck has cleared or not, resulting in overdraft fees of $36.00. I contacted vivint and complained.

I told them that I want out of this contract. They refused and told me that the only way to get out of this contract is to sell it to some other poor unsuspecting sap on ebay or our neighborhood. I would n't do that to my worse enemy. This company preys on the fears of individual home owners and are totally unreasonable and stringent with their policies.

Any other company would consider breaking the contract over financial hardship but not this company. Stay clear and keep your money in your pocket where it belongs. You are better to have a good watchdog and a firearm than to have this company.

We've had two false alarms with calls to 911 and no law inforcement responded. Once they get you to sign the contract, your screwed and on your own.

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If you dont have money to pay vivint its your problem not vivint .


Got rid of Vivint, didn't like the complimentary thermostat, "radio controlled" if I can change the settings from my cell phone, so can energy Nazi's,


I did sign a two year contract and pay every month faithfully. I have called them a few times to get a service tech out here and fix the door lock problem that we had.

When I called vivant the first time, they said that they would have the tech call me and set up a time to get it fixed. I waited several weeks and no one called. I got a letter from vivant saying that they have tried to reach me several times to set up a time to get a service tech out here. That is a mistake on there part because no one has called me.

I have my home phone hooked up to my cell phone so I do not miss any calls. I called them to let them no this and they apoligized, check to see if they had the right numbers for me, (they did) and told me that a service tech would be getting in touch with me to get it fixed. It has been six weeks and no one has contacted me! We have been trying to get heat turned on for a few days now, but no luck.

It got really cold in here yesterday and I called vivant to ask for help. I talked to the first agent who said everything was fine on her end, and it should be working. Well I told her that it was not and to get some help. I was put on hold, and was hung up on.

I called back and talked to another agent. He asked me where the wires went in at. After finding out that the installer put the thermostat in wrong, my husband and I were pissed. They said that an inspector could be out here in November.

We live in North Dakota and last night in got down to 20 degrees. We are frozen. We told them to get a tech out here now and take all there equipment with them. They said we signed a contract to keep it for 2 years.

So my question is this, do they have some kind of agreement with me to get people out here when we need them? We want to get an alarm system locally, so we can get help when we need it.

They are just worried about getting paid. Shame on them!



There are a couple ways to do this. 1.) send a letter of cancellation and pay off the remaining amount owed on the contract. It will be cancelled. 2.) Send in the death certificate for the indiviual(s) on the account, and it will be cancelled.

(note, they do NOT go after your family for the bill like most companies do) 3.) Be deployed by the military out of their service area, and just send them a copy of your orders. 4.) Be admitted to a Care Facility where you are totally cared for, and cannot care for yourself. 5.) Have someone else take over your contract. Just have Vivint send you an addendum with the new person's name on it, and they then replace you as the contract holder.

These are the ways that you get out of the contract.

So please do not say that you have to dupe someone on ebay , and that is the ONLY WAY.

That was an uneducated remark, most likely brought on by frustration. Again, these are the ways to get out of your contract.


Look, I actually posted my name. WHy? Because I do not care what you think, and if you know my name. Look people, if you sign any contract you will stuck in that contract. If yo happen upon financial hardship, talk to the Retention Department. Call 800-216-5232 and ask for retention. Inform them about how hardship, and alot of times they can help. As a former employee of this company they can usually cut your bill for a limited amount of time to help, and WILL. The amount of discount they can give is equal to 2 months of service, and they can either do 2 months consecutively or spread it out over several months. They dont want angry customers, but sometimes people WANT to be mad no matter what. When you talk to them, understand that all the terms of agreement you signed, YOU are bound and so are THEY to those terms. ALWAYS READ THEM before signing ANY CONTRACT> .... I suppose it is easy to be in a contract then call it a scam. If that were the case, then All cellphone carriers are a scam cuz they put you in a contract, same with DIRECTV, Dish network, etc. With VIVINT, if you do not want a contract, and want to be month to month you have 2 choices, 1) pay for the equipment up front. You are in a contract because they have to recover the costs of the $1200 - $2000 worth of equipment you got put into your home wothout having to pay for it. You pay for it slowly over the course of that 42 month contract. Same with your cellphone carrier that allowed you to have that IPhone for only $199, you are paying for that equipment during the term of that contract....

2.) Wait till your 36-42 month contract expires, and you will then be month to month.

As always, READ the agreement before you sign it. Whether it is cell phone, tv, security, or even your mortgage. REAd the CONTRACT. You and THEY are both bound by those rules.

I would like to say these are my opinions based on my knowledge of Vivint as a former employee. I DO know that they specifically emphasize in all of their training to never mislead, and never lie to customers. As ANY Vivint customer can attest, you have to be put on a phone survey with Vivint Corporate so they can have it recorded that you understand the terms of your agreement, that you are the homeowner,that you know your monthly amount is $XX.XX amount per month, and that you were not promised anything. This is yet another way that they try to prevent fraud from reps. Did your ADT REP do that? Now, because they are 3rd party vendor just trying to get the sale. Vivint Reps, Techs, Customer service, EVERYONE, is an actual Vivint Employee, and Vivint holds their integrity in high esteem. The owner (and I know him) is a good man who tries hard to make sure his company sets the standard in the industry for service, technology, and sales practices. If there was a bad rep who lied, he would be fired instantly. Ive seen it first hand when an rep lied to someone on the phone, and was pulled aside and dismissed. So please, call them, and let them know about your financial hardship, and what is going on. Also, try to figure out what is fair on both ends when dealing with them. You ARE in contract, and by law they cannot just break that contract any more than you can. They can be in legal trouble for just breaking the terms of a legal contract with you, same as when you break the contract by not following the terms. So call them, and remember, the nicer you are on the phone, the more favors / flexibility you will most likely get from your rep. Retention reps are your advocate, and they are there to help RETAIN you as a customer. If they have to be flexible they will, but they cannot break the rules... ONce again, these are my own opinions based on my own knowledge of Vivint. Please not that they are not the opinions of Vivint as a company as I do not represent them in any which way shape for form. Have a nice day!


You said Vivint DID call the police, but they didn't show up?

Sounds like a police issue, not a Vivint issue.


Dear responsible adult.... I beg to differ with you!

I'm a very responsible adultwho read and signed a contract. When something went wrong with the product where it no longer functioned properly I made numerous requests for service was told my 1 year old system was outdated they could not fix it yet my contract called for another years payments! According to their contract they had to either fix it or replace it! They wanted me to pay for another system which was not written in the contract!

It took me 6 monthe and an attorney to recover lost payments and outta the contract!

So get ur nose outta ur butt! Good responsible people do have bad things happen to them by bad company policies and badly written contracts and pushy sales people!!


Dear uneducated buyer,

When purchasing anything at all in your lifetime it is your responsibility to read anything contract related. When making a mortgage payment, cell phone payment, car payment or anything else that involves a contract, do they not require you to pay them on time no matter what type of financial hard ship you may be experiencing? Is it not your responsibility as an adult to pay your bills? Sounds to me that vivint is simply in the same categories as the rest of the company's that want to be paid for the services they provide, also stated in the contract you signed. I would understand your title to this post "vivint is a scam" if they told you 1 thing but then said another. But it seems to me that the only scam here is you saying that you would pay them for these services, then not wanting to do so in the contract term YOU agreed to.


Responsible Adult


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