I had recently moved into my house in 2019 and not long after a vivint rep was walking the streets around my neighborhood. Like an idiot, i was over friendly and thought that with my new job, new house, and family sitting comfortably that it might be practical to ensure security, so i thought i would give it a try after a long conversation with a rep who used sales point of "you pay $100 for your internet but you're not willing to spend $49.00 a month for your safety?".

I thought that was reasonable, but i learned that when I had actual need of the system that that kind of lazy reasoning would come haunt me.

3 Major issues - 1. The cameras were overly sensitive despite repeated attempts to "update the cameras, 2. The door sensor don't even recognize the doors open about a quarter of the time when the system is armed and we come home, 3. when a literal package thief attempted to steal packages from my front porch, RIGHT IN FRONT of the camera, the was not a recording.

I wrote a longer review, laden with swears and condemnations of this company but they kept changing my name to Laquisha, or something else.

Their "notification from a friend" email was to hid the fact that they send out hucksters to communities to sell a gimmick that looks cool with the organize lights and the cameras you can talk through.

But in reality, the system is intermittent, it doesn't work when you need it, and now i'm 3k in debit to a gimmick.

Save yourself the trouble, slam the door in the face of whatever snake oil sales tactics their reps have and get Egg or maybe just a Walmart camera. This company is garbage.

User's recommendation: Slam the door in their reps faces.

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

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