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Friday, had Vivint Internet installed. Saturday and Sunday = great service. Monday, Internet down went down at 10AM and stayed down into the late afternoon. Tuesday, Internet down at 10AM and stayed down till late afternoon. I called in on Monday and Tuesday only to wait on hold for 45 minutes each. They claimed that they could see my equipment and that it should be working even though it was not. I was not getting an IP from the radio to the router. The link light from the radio would light solid for a second then go out for a second. The link state from the ipconfig command was either a 169 address or "media state disconnected". power cycling did nothing. Vivint blamed poor signal quality (even though I was within their specified range to the hub home) and firmware (they said they were updating the firmware a number of times). They finally agreed to send a technician but said it will take a week to get a technician out to look. I choke and ask them if they're crazy. Wednesday, Internet down (same as usual). Technician comes on Thursday. Technician replaces radio. Technician leaves and Internet promptly goes down till the late evening. Vivint upgrades the problem to tier 2.

Friday, Internet 10 am, stays down till late evening. Called again. Apparently once your ticket is in tier two it can't be discussed. Phone support says it can be a few days till they get to it.

Oh yeah, each day I had to call Vivint multiple times. Each call began with a 40 minute wait on hold. Saturday, internet down whole day with two brief up time periods of about an hour each. Sunday, internet down all day, came back in late evening. Monday, internet down at 9AM.

Kids on break, no streaming. Family over and working from home, no internet. But they did see I was suffering and gave me a 15 dollar credit for my troubles. I asked to have the service cancelled, they said I would have to pay the full cancellation fee of $240. They would have to send out a technician to verify the issues before they would consider waiving the fee. Apparently the epistle of notes and the tier two issue is not evidence enough to let me out of this mess. So they schedule a technician. But they can't get one out for almost 5 days.

I've called to have my previous internet service re-installed. Words cannot describe how disgusted I am at the lack of professionalism, understanding, or quality from Vivint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Vivint Pros: Speed when it worked, Price.

Vivint Cons: Never worked, Long wait times on hold, Poor troubleshooting ability, Customer service policies, Cancellation policies.

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Had the same issue, no internet for two months. Finally thought it was going to be fixed, but worked only for a short time and now is having problems again. Get out while you can.

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