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Vivint thanks this customer for sharing their experience. We require written notice of cancellation to discontinue monitoring service. This requirement is outlined on the face of the agreement and is reinforced during a required pre-installation survey. We encourage anyone with questions regarding the cancellation policy to speak with our Customer Loyalty team. They are available at 800-216-5232.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After having Vivint's residential security system installed, we decided that it wasn't for us. We were told that we had 3 business days (trial period) after the initial installation to cancel, after which we would receive a full refund. After reading reviews on this site about difficulty in cancelling, I decided to take extra care to make sure that the cancellation process went smoothly. It didn't.

Day 1: System installed

Day 2: I called Vivint to cancel. They said that they needed a signed letter requesting cancellation. I needed to either scan and email them a copy or fax it to them.

Day 3: I scanned and emailed them a signed letter. I called them later that day to see if they received it. They notified me that it usually takes them a couple of weeks to cancel after which they would refund me. They said they would make a note in the system that I had emailed them a signed letter.

Day 25: Still no word from Vivint. I called and they told me they never received my email and that I was under contract for 2.5 years. I explained the process I went through to cancel, but the representative on the phone only reiterated that I was now under contract. After 10 minutes of this, I asked to speak to a manager. Luckily, I had my date-stamped email which I provided to him. I'm guessing that I'd be out of luck if I had originally faxed the cancellation to them. This wasn't enough proof for him so I also had to send them a screenshot which showed that I had emailed the correct email address (if I had spelled the email address wrong or sent it to the wrong place, I'd be locked in to a contract) and before the 3 trial days were up. He said that he would process the cancellation because I had provided proof. Close call.

Day 35: Still no refund.

Words of advice: Be VERY careful. Document EVERYTHING. They make it very difficult to cancel. They will claim that they never got the cancellation despite solid evidence that they did. The next thing you know, you'll be locked in to a 2.5 year contract that you are unable to get out of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Vivint is horrible, my house burned down in October. probably a year after I installed my system.

They have been a total nightmare to work with!!!! Beware of this company!!!


This is the worst comany ever to scam people. This camany is going to *** how do the employs sleep at night knowing that they lied to there customers.

And it is Vivint that gives other comanys bad name.

We need to put this company out of business! Boycott!!


I want out of my contract. Every month I have a disagreement with people who work for Vivint.

One day they tell you that you have a credit on your account and the next day someone else is phoning and saying that I owe $260.00 and I am breach of contract. This is *** come and take your equipment out of my house and leave me alone.


A person should NEVER have to send in a written request to cancel. Going to the MINNESOTA ATTORNEY Gen.

you guys are shysters, all the lawsuits prove it! If this is the mormon way - FORGET IT!


iv'e been trying to cancel for 4 months . calling e mailing now they say i can't cancel until i pat my bill in full .

they did not alarm 1 of my doors i was broke into , they say it was my fault the door was not alarmed , also my breakage alarm went off when i was not there at 2 am i went to the house , the man on the phone said it might be a false alarm .

he instructed me to remove the cover and clean it , so there i was at 2 am on a chair blowing on this thing .yes i want to cancel , but they won't let me . today i took it off the wall


They said they did not have our cancellation letter either, but then after I sited my date stamped e-mail, etc., then they conveniently found the e-mail. Not only do you need to document everything (dates, times) and what was said, but also who you spoke with - first and LAST name.

They will conveniently not have your conversation documented in their system if you can't provide a last name of the rep you spoke with. ALSO, get the rep's ID number if they won't give a last name.


VIVINT continued charging me AFTER I gave them 60 days written notice of non-renewal.


It gets worse... We had them at our old location and we loved them..

BUT, we sold our house and bought one out on 15 Acres. I was told by Vivint that we were bound by contract no matter if we had sold the house or not. So we were given instructions to bring the main control panel to our new home. It took them three weeks to come out and install, and never got it done right.

That is another story, basically our front door was too wide and WE had to order a kit for them to be able to install it on our door. Can I just say WTH? I mean please.......

Ok, so they come out and it seems fishy, but everything was chaotic, we had movers and people unpacking. So I sign their *** little yellow sheet.

Well, now I know it was a NEW contract beginning on the day they came to install in my new place!!! What??? So they called me for at least two weeks trying to get my husband to sign it too, as he had the original from our old house....

Pleaaaaaaaase do not use Vivint???!!!!!


You forced me to sign a NOC and kept taking payments out of my bank. You are bank robbers and liars and you breached your contract.


VERY difficult to cancel. Still paying for service to home I sold 3 months ago and the new owner also signed up with Vivinit! I have stopped automatic drafts.



My Name is Ronnie Gonzalez #(361-701-7541). I just wanted to remind you all that my account will be transferred to a Mr.

Larry Dean Murray#(210-627-1051) on June 15, 2015.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks - Ronnie G.


The trouble I am, having is that I can not connect my iPhone or iPad to the system. There was a problem from the very beginning.

The technician was to contact me in three days.Have not heard from him yet. I need help.


I want to cancel my service as of May 29th 2014. My acct number is A5605898.

I was told to fill out a quessetonaire but I could not find it My phone no. is 843-826-4006 Please let me know when this happening.


this is lidia carrasco I want to cancel because my contract expired and I don't want this service anymore. account number is 1806001


Hi this is John Schmitt from Tabor Alberta 5220 41st Ave. I rejected payment because I canceled that one year ago you keep taking money off my account I should get back for one year 40 some dollars a month that you took out of my account thank you


I just talked to vivint consulant and he went through his *** about keeping vivint. Well ours hasn't worked in a 1year and half.

Called to havecancelled. our contract is up and we don't want it any more. So when you hear those words Cancel it, Why not do it over the phone. They like to see people suffer.

Or they can't take rejection. I wonder on it being "can't take rejection". Well if it doesn't work it doesn't work.

Don't take it out of account any more or I will sue Vivint. Again This is written form like they wanted, So this is my notice VIVINT.


I am Janice Nelson at 1064 43rd. Street Columbus, GA.

Phone # 706-6042785 I called last moth to cancel my service you did not it came out for this month I do not want it. Janice Nelson


Vivint is a scam. I cancelled, I keep getting billed even thought they agreed that I had cancelled.

Because I used my thermostat online, any settings it had, I am unable to change and when I called them they refuse to help.

I have no online access to set my Thermostat any more. There is a way to turn of the wireless connection and then I should be able to over ride the temperature.


Ha! Your response tickles me to death.

I gave written notice a year ago when I sold the house that you supposedly were protecting, and yet you continue to debit my account. I have called numerous times, and have contacted a lawyer to help get my compensation back.

That being said thank God for freedom of speech I will blast your company to no end even if you resolve my issue you should be out of business!!! :(


A door to door salesman came to my home July 23, 2013. My husband was excited about the system however I was not.

I told the salesman that I didn't want the system. The salesman said not to worry that I could try the system for a WEEK, 7 days. If I didn't like the system after the 7 day trial period, I could call and cancel. When I called on the last day of the trial period to cancel, I was told that I had to cancel the system within 3 days of the installation.

I should have read the contract. I couldn't prove the salesman told me 7 days.

I would have to pay for the contract or find someone else that would purchase it from me.


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