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Vivint alarms showed up at our home after 8pm. While my husband made his way back in our house while I stayed on the porch to get rid of the guy since we were getting ready to our kids to be, the salesman walked right into our home without even asking if he may.

While I was somewhat curious in the security option, it wasn't a time to discuss these things. He asked if I would give him my name and number to follow up with me, which I stupidly did in effort to get him out of our hair. Next thing I knew, he was on his phone giving my name and phone number and home address to someone, quickly telling me he was just confirming that we were home owners. I was too confused to even stop him, and by the time I was ready to say something, he announced my credit score.

With just my name and address they were able to access this information? And without permission? I know what number he announced is right around my score since I'd received a copy of it recently. I would have never allowed access to my credit for such a thing in the first place, but to lie and say you were just confirming that we owned the house?

He was told to leave, but we saw him hitting up other houses after he left ours.

As late as 9pm, maybe later. Is this appropriate at all?

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Location: Huntington, West Virginia

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Vivint thanks this individual for taking the time to submit a review with Pissed Consumer. Vivint employees are never provided with a customer’s actual credit score. A hard credit inquiry is never run without the express permission from the customer. A soft (no impact) credit check is occasionally ran to verify home ownership. We appreciate this customer’s feedback and encourage them to contact our Customer Care team with any additional questions or concerns.

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My contract was coming to an end a representative called and asked if I would like to renew, I asked that they call back in a week so I could think about it. The woman called back I told her I wasn't going to renew and if there was anything I needed to do, she told me there wasn't and I would be all set.

The next month I saw they took another payment from my bank account so I called and was told when the contract ends they bill monthly, I told them that was not explained to me that I was told I was all set only to be told that I must have been told the cancellation process, I told them I wasn't told and got nothing but a run around. Needless to say I am out $48.95 which I told the rep to shove up his *** and told him I would give them nothing but bad reviews on every website.


they are a bunch of Morman *** artists Buyer beware read the fine print!!I signed a contract with them for a life alert because I am a disabled veteran I have to use a walker and wheelchair I did it as precaution in case I fell. It was a 3 year contract which I didn't realize Read the contract!!After 3 years I am still trying to get them to stop deducting it from my checking account.

I told them I was disabled living on a pension and could no longer afford the service They made me jump through hoops to get it dropped I am still working on it!!They are always selling (*** job) to keep getting the monthly fee!!I have been to my bank I have direct deposit for my VA Disability Pension. They don't care!!Don't be conned by these Mormons!!They are bad!!


I've seen this before. Vivint is most likely adding all the bigfoot content as a way of confusing Google about the subject of this page.

It is a way of hiding the complaints within Google so people can't find the truth about them. They are even being deceitful about their deceit.


This discussion is great, i was reviewing bad experiences with Home security and the topic then changes to bigfoot sightings!.........funny


They did the same thing to me last night. I am still very weary of this company.

Came to my door at 830 as I was putting my kid to bed. At 930 the techs were knocking on the door and I said come back later it late and we need to talk about this. next thing I know just to get them out of the house they are putting in the security board. I am doing some more looking around.

I know there is good as well as bad out there. If the system works as promised it will be worth it.


The others posting probably are one of the scammers... oops I mean sales reps for Vivint.

Yes they can and do run your credit and with only your name and address. They did mine and set up the neighbor down the street an account using my information. I have been dealing with them for 5 months now. Have filed police reports with PD, filed with the DA and contacted the BBB and the State attorney generals office.

One look at their BBB rating will definitely give it away!!!

They are horrible. The PD here have advised them to stay away and 3 news stations have done stories on them warning viewers.




What better reason to get a security system! God *** big feets are everywhere!


Actually, they can't run your credit without your social security number... So what the company was probably doing was (a) verifying you were the homeowner since many of these companies can't extend "promotional offers" such as free equipment to residents who aren't homeowners, and (b) running what's called a "soft credit" check.

This is basically looking at "public" information such as county records which would include bankruptcies, liens, lawsuits, etc. in order to verify that you aren't a credit risk. Since it's public info they don't need your permission, although they would need your birthdate (which you probably gave them ;) ) this is all perfectly legal and usually a generally accepted practice. All companies such as satellite, alarms, etc.

pretty much all do this. As for the time of night, to each his own.

Many people work odd hours and find this kind of service particularly accommodating and helpful! No soliciting signs make it easy for them to know who is wanting not to be bothered since the only other way to find out is to talk to you....


It was in July of 1980 just outside the town of Nelsonville Ohio. I was in college there at Hocking Technical college (HTC).

It had been hot during the day so around 9:30 PM two of my friends and I decided to walk into town to get some snacks at a store in town. It is only a ten minute walk down the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway tracks into town. The temperature had dropped to around 72 degrees. On the way back from town heading towards our dorms we crossed the railroad bridge across the Hocking River.

This is when we saw it. We had crossed the bridge back around 150 yards just east when we saw ahead of us a dark silhouette cross over the tracks going to the right. It blocked the light from the streetlight which was still a ways down the tracks. We kept walking and around 50 yards later we smelled the odor of "wet dogs" which was really strong.

I looked over to my right and just about 10 or 15 feet away was this creature. I am guessing it to be around seven feet or so because I looked up when I saw his eyes shining in the cool moonlight. I couldn't believe my eyes. I dropped my groceries and ran like the wind.

My two buddies were right on my heels. We ran all the way back to our dorm which was not very far. My buddy Kerry talked me into going back in my car for another look. I agreed reluctantly.

When we got close to where we had just saw it the hair was standing straight up on the back of my neck, I was sweating profusely, and I was scared to death. We all were! When we got close, I stopped the car and couldn't go any closer. I didn't sleep at all that night and the next day there was an article in the Athens Messenger reporting numerous sightings in the area.

I am not crazy or on drugs ....just fortunate. I have become very fond, but still scared of Bigfoot.


I was squirrel hunting and walked right past bigfoot. That's what I'm calling it.

I was about 3 miles in the woods and something took off running and out of the corner of my eye I saw a big brown thing"bigfoot" Well at first I thought it was a bear but a bear can't run on two feet, it can walk on two feet,but not run and this thing was running and had a stride. What gets me was the sound it had made as it was running, it kinda sounded like a monkey screaming. It made every hair on my body stand up ,even hairs I didn't know I had, I even cried.

I will tell you this I was about 10 feet away and already walked right by it before it took off running. I have never in my life saw anything like it in the world.


This is the second track find we have had since 1999. The first sighting I was contacted and I sent photos to a person who called on the phone.

He was supposed to come and check it out, but never did. Okay, we have had more activity on our property and this time there are two three different sets of footprints, like a family so to speak. There is one that is very small like a young one. About two weeks ago, my mother told me to look at some footprints outside, I did not get a chance until today (May 26, 2002), the first thing we seen when going outside was our bird feeder had been bent all the way over, as to if something had pulled it down to get the birdseed.

We have two of them almost side by side, the other one wasn't touched. We took the bird feeder and metal pole that it sat on inside the house. I then went back outside to look for the prints, I had found several prints ranging about seven to just over twelve inches. The toes seemed to be dug in more than the heels.

What they did was follow a ravine up through our front yard, which is mud and sandstone. When it rains water goes down through there and we believe they must have been following the path down into the ravine below. The dogs bark constantly around here, and my toddler couldn't sleep one of those nights, he kept saying "Rarrs" which in toddler language at least his, means monster. He must have heard something outside his window, maybe a sound they make or something in that nature?

The first time I submitted photos, they asked about seeing red eyes. My mother seen three sets of these eyes, and also heard the screaming, she was a born and raised country girl, so she knows what sounds are what in the country. She said she never heard anything like that in her life and made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. After hearing the sounds she quickly came in the house.

She felt they were really close because of the loudness of the scream.

Anyway, I hope someone can get out here quick, since we feel the bird feeder was destroyed by the track makers and they may destroy something else. As far as seeing them personally, we haven't yet.


Why are there comments about Bigfoot sightings on a page for Vivint Alarms?


1st encounter: Walking with two friends looking for one of the friends' brother. Walking down abandoned Lake Champlain and Moriah railroad trackbed. It was approx. one thirty AM, June 25, 1989. Heard a godawful screaming noise coming from over the bank on the south side of the old railbed. Metal was being ripped and thrown.

Over that bank, there were a series of junked out cars (some Subarus and an early sixties Chevy station wagon). One of my friends uttered the obligatory "What was that?" and the noises stopped, almost like it heard us. The next thing we heard was the sound of something very large breaking through the heavy brush of the woods below us.

Before we knew it, It was up the bank and standing right in front of us. In the dark, I couldn't see it, but I could tell that it as huge. There was a smell, as well, almost like crossing a dead skunk and deep bog. Nasty. My buddies took off, leaving me, because I was slow to react. I mean, I was scared, but sort of curious too.

The thing, whatever it was, was right in front of me. I could feel its breath, hear it breathing. I was only there for a second or two and then started running. The thing took off after us, I could hears its feet on the gravel behind me. It stopped chasing us just as we broke out on to the road an headed up the main street. I chanced a look back and I could see its shadow just inside the brush.

Whatever it was, it was BIG, a lot bigger than a man and i have never seen a bear move like. The bank it climbed was at over a forty-five degree angle, loose gravel and stone, and covered with vines and heavy brush. We tried to climb it the next weekend and it took the best of us over five minutes to climb it!

At the time, we never bothered to look for tracks, but one interesting note. I stated above that there were junked cars on the south side of the railbed. One of these being an early Sixties station wagon, a big HEAVY car. My friends and I had been in that area the week or so before and the car had been on its wheels. The weekend after the occurence, the car was on its roof, pieces ripped from it and scattered around. That really scared me and I haven't been back since.

The second encounter I had, that was just as strange as the first. Me and a buddy of mine were cruising in his 85 LTD station wagon, the ultimate touring vessel as it were, just out enjoying the late September weather. It was a beautiful September night, the 23, 1993.

We drove up this four wheel drive trail to the point where everyone parties (every hick town has one) and the trail heads for Westport, NY. He wheeled the car around and parked with the rear facing the woods, the nose facing down the road we had just came in on.

We just talking about the town, friends, plans, just stuff. I happened to look out the back window and I could see something coming up behind the car. The LTD wagon had huge tailights and there was no guard over the license plate light, so the back of the car lit the area up nicely.

This thing was big, black and had its arm out like it was going to open the door on the drivers side. The part that scared me the most was the fact that the rear hatch of the wagon did not latch, it just kind of moved around, thumped when you hit a bump, that sort of thing. It was one of those things Matt was going to fix but never did. Anyway, I looked at Matt and asked, "Did you lock the doors?", calmly, almost deadpan.


"Somethings about to open the door."

Matt slammed the gearshift into drive and we took off out of there. I looked back and the thing stood up. It had to be over seven feet tall. It was huge and black. Its eyes must've caught the tailights glow because there was a red flicker in them. We never stopped until we got down to Port Henry (six or seven miles away).

I live in a rural part of NY, just outside the blue line of the adirondack park. i know what bears look like, i know how they behave. each one of these encounters was no bear. I still don't know what to call each of them. It seems to fit the Sasquatch theory, but why in the middle of nowhere? Where I live, they already have the tourist hook, the Lake Champlain monster. each year people with out-of-state plates flood the little town looking for the elusive critter.

It's been almost ten years since my first encounter and a scant five since my last and I still have no idea what exactly chased out of the woods we played in.

OTHER WITNESSES: First encounter: We had just left Richies house, went out looking for his brother. We were looking for his brother because he had gotten in a fight. He had arrived home just after we went out looking for him. We were all very sober.

Second encounter: Matt and I were driving around, just cruising, looking for something, anything, to do. Sober at that point again. As a point, I don't drink and I don't do drugs.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: First encounter: June 25-26, 1989 between one and two AM

Second encounter: September 1993 between 11:00PM and 12:45AM

ENVIRONMENT: first encounter: abandoned railbed adjacent to new growth forest, thirty-five yards from New York Route 9N/22, one hundred yards from CP Rail Bridgeline tracks two to two hundred fifty yards from lake Champlain. Addison County, Vermont is just across the lake.. maybe a mile or so. The area is between Elizabeth Street and a housing development. to the direct east, a Chevrolet dealership. direct west along tracks, the tracks lead into the woods and eventually to the high school.

Second Encounter: "Seventy-Five Road", area included swamp terrain. The area is adjacent to a series of mine shafts and the Moriah Shock Correctional Facility. Road leads from south east to north. On branch of road breaks off and heads toward facility. Other secondary branch breaks off and heads towards Niagara-Mohawk power lines. Also, this area is less than a mile from Bartlett Pond, Town of Moriah's drinking water supply.


It was in mid-late April 1994 when my 7 year old son and I went to find a fishing lake we had heard about in the mountains north of Gold Bar. Being a new residence to Washington at the time I had no knowledge of any ape-like creatures in the woods.

I can remember it was an early Wednesday morning and heavy overcast with snow still clinging to the shaded areas. We ended up first on a black-top road which gave way to gravel that became extremely narrow and twisting as we climbed higher into the mountains. With my son grumbling and my dog needing to lift a leg along with me being not sure we were even on the right road I decided to turn around and go back to let him drop his line in a stream we passed by. Parking the car we proceed to walk a ways downstream some 150-200 yards.

With our dog out ahead I had my hands full half carrying my son and equipment through the brush. It was when stream made a sharp turn that I first caught wind of a foul smell, a bad odor which is hard to explain. At about the same moment our dog came whimpering back all nervous acting and hanging under my feet. I looked in the direction which the dog just came and by my estimates no more than 30-35 yards away was \"something\" hunched down and apparently ripping apart the carcus of an animal.

It was hairy and extremely large. Upon seeing us it rose and looked right at us. It did not show fear and for the life of me I don\'t remember seeing its eyes, yet my son who was starting to cry kept saying \"look at its eyes\". Dropping everything except my son I made a hasty retreat back towards the car.

We could not have made more than 20 feet when it let out a scream that to this day still sends chills through me. I have never heard anything or want to hear anything like it again. I have never been one to get overly jarred about things but that encounter unnerved me. I thought for sure we were going to be attacked.

It made several of these screams and once atop a little ridge I looked back and could still see it standing there near the water.

Except to my wife, I have never told this story to any one. Needless to say we never again went fishing in Washington


My niece was living with us at the time of the sighting. She was a senior in high school. Our house is about 6 miles out of town and in 1987 when the incident occurred, it was very rural, though now it has become quite developed. The school buses didn't go down the side roads so kids would have to walk to the closest main road. We live not too far off the bus route. The neighbor girl drove to school and she would often stop and give my niece a ride as she was walking to the bus stop. On this particular morning she had just gotten in the neighbor's car when about 50 yards ahead, this creature came out of the swamp area on the right side of the road, paused in a crouching position, started crossing, then dashed very quickly across the road and into the woods. She said she turned to the neighbor girl and said, "What the *** was that?" To which the girl answered "I don't know!" She says it was about the size of a bear, brown in color, but was definitely not a bear. It started crossing the road walking like a gorilla (she even wondered if it could have been an orangutan or some kind of ape), then it ran the rest of the way very fast on all fours. The whole incident happened so fast that she was not able to see much of the hands or feet. She described it to me as being like an ape, but also sloth-like. I said unless there had been an escaped primate from a traveling circus, we just don't have them in Washington. She said it had hair covering its entire body and she noticed hair hanging from its arms. She also heard from the swamp a whoop-whoop-whoop sound. Thinking back she realizes that she had heard that sound coming from the swamp before, but thought it was some kind of bird. It ran into an area of hundreds of wooded acres which eventually dip into the valley beyond (we are up on a plateau). There is a ravine in the middle of this area. To the right, past the swamp and as the crow flies there is Woods Creek about a mile or more away. The deer pass by this area headed toward water at Woods Creek. My niece said that she and the neighbor girl didn't say a word all the way to school and when they arrived she said again "What WAS that?" They both were dumbfounded. She said it gave her the creeps and she felt scared. We have talked about it on and off for years trying to think what it could have been. A couple of weeks ago we sat down and I made a sketch while she guided me. Actually she had to modify and finish it because I just could not figure out what she meant about how the head, chest and face looked. When I saw her alterations I thought no wonder she was scared.

ALSO NOTICED: Another curious thing happened, though I don't know if it was related. At the time we had a scrappy little dog. Within about a year of the sighting, in the middle of the night the dog went crazy barking, scratching to get out. We let her out. She ran into the woods in the direction of our neighbor's pond barking all the way. All of a sudden there was a yelp and then nothing. The next day we combed the woods but all we found was a little piece of meat that looked like liver. We always thought it was coyotes. The whole area was abundant with rabbits, so we thought it odd they would take a dog.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes, the neighbor girl. She moved aboout 6 months after that.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, in about January of this year I was awakened from a sound sleep around 2 A.M. to what I thought was a woman being murdered--a loud screaming. I got up and quickly opened the window. I was ready to call the police. The screams seemed to be coming from down the neighbors drive getting closer and closer. Then, from the back wooded edge of our property (which borders the neighbor's drive), I heard what I thought was a loud owl, but kind of like a peacock. The scream was in the middle of two other sounds (howls?) There were about 3 scream-sequences and 3 owl-peacock calls. Once I opened the window it quit. I listened for about ten minutes with the window open but I didn't hear anything else.


ENVIRONMENT: Back then the area was primarily mixed evergreen and deciduous woods with lots of understory of blackberries, salmon berry, wild plum and other NW bushes. There are a number of wetlands in the immediate vacinity. We had a pond which is now dried up, our neighbor had a pond (still do) and the swamp where the creature came from was a haven for wetland birds. Around March all these ponds are full of frogs mating and laying eggs, which ducks and herons would feed on. There was a large amount of undeveloped land all around. We had an orchard and many of the people in the area including us raised chickens, rabbits and goats. The fruit trees tended to draw deer. At night we would sometimes hear something large leaning on the goat gate, grunting and rattling it. We assumed it was a bear.


I have had many incidents around my home that indicate bigfoot activity. these incidents occured over the past seven years, from 2001 to 2008.These incidents included; various vocalizations,including one SIERRA NEVADA SOUND,broken tree branches,5 sections of field fence jerked ot of pressure treated posts,finger prints on my pickup , three incidents of footprints;one was 19 inches which I casted with MaxBond patching.Tree knocking on five different ocassions,chicken feathers in a tight circle.

I live next to a 15,000 acre tree farm.

I am a retired school teacher, attend church regularly, and am not a hoaxer.These incidents all happened plus many more, for a total of about 21 over the seven years. The last being, last November; 5 howls then two instant tree knock downs, which I found the next morning. These things seem incredible, but they honestly happened.

As GOD is my witness they are true. I am truly convinced bigfoots exists.


I was backpacking alone deep in the alpine lakes and on friday August eigth 2008 things got really weird. I had stopped and set up camp at a lake and on the first day every thing was normal .I had the lake all to myself as to be expected because of lakes remoteness and hard climb .Lake is situated in a box canyon with great acoustics and I was banging away on my guitar and singing loudly bouncing my sounds off the walls and echoing out a large area,I was also hooting and making strange calls as too attract or scare any game and or let someone know I was there.

Second day I set out for day hike and exploration and things got weird.I head over to other side of the lake along a sheer wall that rises about 1000 feet up to summit straight up almost jumping large rock screes and swinging with the aid of blueberry bushes 40 feet above lake i reach the other side to a level area and begin planned day hike . Upon returning to level area I glanced up to the ridge above and instantly draw onto the hi-gloss sheen of something against the flat color of fauna and rock wich I percieve to be game. I then try too rouse it withh verbal calls and arm wavings but nothing happens and after several minutes I give up and swing back the half mile to camp. It is now about 4 o'clock and I'm cooking dinner and I hear a screech coming from where I just came from , nothing to out of the ordinary , could of been a cat or a screech owl but it makes me uncomfortable I decide to gather lots of wood for a good firen .

night falls and I continue to play my guitar and make lots of noise because I have this uneasy feeling, kinda of an I'm big and bad here attitude I build the fire big and retreat to my tent and fall asleep. At around 11 o'clock I'm guessing I am awaken to this incredibly loud crack somewhat like a high velocity rifle but louder like close lightning and then the sound of large rocks falling. This startles the *** out of me and I un-zip my tent and start shouting obscenities and try to make myself big and scary, even to the point of barking like a dog. My earlier paranoia has gotten to me and I become un-nerved and frightened.I quickly re-build the fire and am all ears and eyes except that theres nothing too see because of the pitch blackness.

About 40 minutes later it happens again but closer to me this time and I kinda loose it again and start screaming and barking all over again.I stay awake frightened untill first light and not hearing another sound I quickly load up my gear and get the heck out. Upon returning I feel foolish for getting un-nerved and sort the situation up to my own paranoia and a natural occurance of possibly trees snaping off the ledge and or rocks breaking off and doing the same. I am interested in returning back immediatly , but not alone .

If you know two backpackers with cameras and gear who could be ready quickly for a three day hike, I would be interested to take them and try to re-create what happened, not that anything would. I t would have to be quickly in the Seattle area.


I work as a Medications Technician at a nursing home inside of King County, WA. Our building lays on a big lot which has a grassed area in front of it that has different dips and small hills. I was coming back from a resident's room when out the window, I saw a figure underneath one of our parking lights. We have racoons, cats, and sometimes big dogs rolling through this area a lot, so I paid no attention to it (as I was on the 2nd floor, it didn't look as big from down-wind towards the lighted area).

I went back to my office, and then walked to the lobby of our place (which looks out towards XX Avenue, across the grass lot), and I saw a giant figure walking around our dumpster, and then tumble away from the dumpster to the right, across the grass lot next to our wooden fence. The figure seemed to be a head and a half taller than the fence around the dumpster (not the wooden one), and it ran awkwardly. Like it's legs weren't fully developed or something.

I ran out the double doors to see if I can see anything, and all I heard was a loud grunt, and the figure was gone (out of sight).


This sighting took place back when i lived in washington last year. I was sitting on my windowsill at 11 at night, i lived next to a large wetland/swamp area.

my back yard was a large hill infront of the wetland.

I was sitting on my windowsill and saw a large figure come out of wetland, walk down the hill, and then re-enter the wetland at the bottom of the hill. The figure was probally 7 feet tall (i doubt it was 8 or 9) dark in color, and very large in build.

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