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Buyer Beware ! If you ever break your contract with Vivint, and then refuse to pay them for their poor services, they will sell your debt to very shady collection agencies.

I broke my contract over 5 years ago, and refused to pay the balance because they did not provide the services they promised on their side of the contract, so I refused to honor my side of the contract. So long story short, fst forward 5 years, Now I am receiving threating collection services calls that are above & beyond the normal collection process. So let me help anyone out there that has been receiving some of the same types of calls. 1- First you might receive a call from a three-digit number simply like 508.

When you answer the call, there will be someone that initially will be very polite and inform you there are legal paperwork that is awaiting to be served to you, and inform you that you can anticipate delivery very soon. The caller id very evasive, and when questioned, they can become more hostile & threating towards you. They will advise you if you do not want these legal papers served to you, you must call a number. 2- So I deiced to call this number, 844-758-5688.

A person will answer and tell you this is an answering service, Voice Nation, and they will give you a variety of first names, and often will not provide details pertaining to their business, or location, or contact information as which legitimate would provide when asked. You will be asked for a file number to forward your call to that representative, or company they are contracted to. I played their game and give them the file number the first guy provided me. 3- I was transferred to a woman named Margo, she stated that she works for ACG Litigation as a Senior Litigation consultant.

This person has all your personal details you provided Vivint when you started your initial services. This person will demand that you pay the balance owed, or they will sue you, or lead you to believe there is already legal actions pending at your local justice system (it’s FALSE, it’s a SCAM, & ILLEGAL) ! This person will spout off details that they send you correspondence letters demanding payment, and because you failed to answer the letter in a timely manner, you now are subject to adverse legal actions (Again SCARE TACTIC)! 4- So I played their game, and asked okay how do I settle this account today, they then switch up their tactics and tell you that they will not accept payment today, and they will see you in court once you file your response in those so-called legal documents that are on the way to your house ( AGAIN FALSE SCARE TACTIC).

So I responded, so you are refusing to take payment on a collection account, and you are refusing to settle a debt you called me over. At this point because the so called Senior Litigation Consultant believes you are smarter than them, they promptly tell you they are no longer go to continue the conversation with you because you are now being combative. I responded, as a litigation you need to learn the definition of being combative vs, being a witty. Needless to say, I am still awaiting my legal paperwork that was supposed to be delivered sometime last week, and go figure NOTHING!!

SO being a guy that does his due diligence, I decided to call them back multiple times, and waste their time like they did mine. I would call this so called voice nation and always speak with a heavily accented Mexican that had a different first name each time. He would only tell me that the company he worked for is called Voice Nation, and it’s based out of Georgia. Let me tell you when dealing with the company there are many smoke and mirrors as to whom they are, and what their role in the collection process really is.

When asked for them to forward me to ACG Litigation, they seem not to find that company in their database, and can only forward you to the appropriate agency as long as they have all your personal information (DO NOT PROVIDE, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS IT’S A SCAM) So after calling these idiots numerous times, claiming to be other people, I found out they are based out of Mexico, and their headquarters are located in Tijuana (BE CAREFUL). They ended up blocking my number, so yes, I can say I pissed them off so much the scammers blocked my number because they were tired of me messing with them. I called Vivint Corporate, and they advised me they sold my collection off, and then I called the collection company, and was advised that the debt has been sold off numerous times, and there is no record as to who has it now. So I am assuming that now third world shady business are now buying American Debt, and attempting to collect on it.

However, why tell me you are suing me, and threating me with process services when they don’t, and why refuse payment? Buyer Beware, once you default on a Vivint Account, be prepared to be harassed by shady companies doing some really stupid *** that makes no sense.

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Thank u, It is Friday nite 630pm an I was threatened by vivint recovery they are on way to my home expect my identification and are attaching wages and leins last month offered the 900.00 in 2 weeks or monthly pays of 134 till pay off 2700.00. My husband diagnosed stage 4 January, I don't have much else to loose or lein.

Stated consider yourself notified, now 8 45.

I just happened to Google and found over 101 complaints Vivent. Thank you your post has calmed me i will go to bed.


I had exactly same experience. I did contact the State Attorney General.


Thank you so much for this information because I just got a letter from a sketchy collections agency. The guys that we’re selling Vivint were on gringr ( a gay dating hook up site soliciting Vivint ) There was once a guy just came into our home trying to sell my I’ll aunt Vivint and she ended up giving him her SSN and all that. Vivint is a crock!


VIVINT Alarm company Agent Steal my SS # & date of birth from the application....Agent make a loan card .steal $2600.00,,, In my name. I will sue them.

File Police Report. How i know from my Credit Report.


When you quit paying did they actually turn you into a collection agency and if so did it affect your credit rating or are they just threatening to ruin your credit?


Same happening here. They are calling from all types of numbers and can’t provide any information worth two cents!

I told why I cancelled my service and that I would hire an attorney and the rep told me that I needed to sign some court papers first that had been sent out to me first. I told her that I hadn’t received any papers and wouldn’t sign anything without a lawyer first and she continued to be rude and obnoxious.

I ended up hanging up the phone. These people will ruin your day with their terrible business practices


It happen to me also !!


Same thing JUST happened to me, your story is very helpful. I pretty much know my rights and that they were really not going to sue me but I turned to this website to confirm my thoughts and it is nice to know its a crock of *** as i thought it was.


They just did me the same way.


they are harrassing my family!they will not stop.....they even threatened me!!!! how can i get it to stop.

i had a stroke, house went into foreclosure, lost my job. still havent gone back to work.

i never fully recovered. is there anything i can do


How bad did it affect your credit when Vivint sent your information to the collection agency if you did not pay


Same exact thing is happening to me but they are calling all my family members and not me. Family that I hardly ever see or talk to.

Family that I don't even think they have my phone number so it's weird that this dumb people is calling them. I knew from the start that this was a Scam but they're making my family believe their story. I've never dealt with Vivint so it must be another collection company that sold my account to them.

I'm gonna try calling them and doing the same thing. I hope this works to make them stop calling my family.