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We signed up with Vivent Wireless internet and phone in April of 2015. I was so excited by the promise of up to 100Mbs for the same price I was then paying to Comcast.

I happily signed a 2 year agreement never thinking it would come back to *** me. Upon install I ran a speed test I was blown away to see speeds of 75+Mbs! All was well for the first several weeks. Then the wheels fell off.

At about the 1 month mark we began having intermittent connection problems. My signal is completely unstable and unreliable. Customer service is always friendly and ready to help. When I call they will try to diagnose the issue remotely.

They usually find a setting or two, make an adjustment and get us back up an running. The problem is, this happens all the time. And each time its a least an hour long phone call once they actually answer. Again, the people are friendly and helpful but I don't have the time to continually call and have them fix their problems.

I run webinars for a large company from a home office. No service is a huge problem for me. I finally lost my patience about 2 months ago and asked to be released from my agreement. We had probably called in 4 or 5 different times by now.

The transferred me to the "retention" department. I spoke to this person for at least two hours trying to reason with him by explaining that I signed up for internet service and that I need it for my work. That I can be fired for not doing my job if their service isn't working properly. He refused to release us and assured me they could fix the problem and that we would be happy.

They sent a technician, made some changes, and low an behold our service was great again, for a time. A few short weeks later and we began experiencing problems again. I called, they tweaked, it worked, and then it didn't. The other day I called in again after missing a full day of work due to an outage.

Not a large multi home outage, just an outage at my house. I again asked to be released from the contract because they obviously cannot hold up their end of the deal. They refused. After a two hour phone call and frustration levels through the roof he finally promised that if we give him one last chance to fix the issue that within 30 days if we have any problems then he will cancel the agreement.

Well, the next day the technician called to let me know that service had been restored. Immediatly I logged on, terrible signal, less than 1Mbs. I called in to take them up on their offer and they would not honor what they had said. I am still stuck.

Basically I can pay them $190 to get out of the deal ($10/mo for each month remaining in the agreement) or I can shut up and face the fact that I have been ripped off and will continue to be ripped off for 19 more months.

I would never recommend this company and if you do get sucked in to their lies please do not agree to sign a contract! Thanks, and good luck!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1920.

Preferred solution: Cancel my agreement without penalty.

Store Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Same story with my internet! I hate this service and hate that we have to pay for a service we don't get. A contract is suppose to go two ways...

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