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Vivint thanks this customer for taking the time to submit their feedback through PissedConsumer. We are committed to resolving any and all issues with the system or account, and should a customer experience any, correction rather than cancellation is the appropriate course of action. Our award-winning Customer Care professionals are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at 800-216-5232. Upon entering the agreement, authorization is granted to confirm credit records and to report payment performance to credit agencies and reporting services. The protection of our customers is afforded priority, as such their systems are monitored without payment for up to 120 days, at which time their account is referred to an outside collections agency. We provide convenient automatic billing options from checking accounts, saving accounts, and all major credit and debit cards to prevent issues from arising.

to all you people who say to read the contract, shut it. nobody does that and shouldn't.

to all you people complaining that vivent screwed you, stop your whining because there is a simple solution: DONT PAY. have them come begging you for the money. that's what i do, and it works. and my credit score is near 800.

they are obviously in the wrong, any *** knows that. so dont waste ur time with emails and faxes and what not. call them, tell them i'm done, and say have a nice day.

then tell ur credit card company to stop taking charges from them.

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