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Vivint recognizes the concerns of this customer. We apologize about the issues they encountered during the installation of their system. Incomplete installations are afforded priority and we are committed to reaching a resolution. We encourage this customer to contact our award winning Customer Care team at their earliest convenience. We are available 24/7 at 800-216-5232.
Los Angeles, California

I am beyond frustrated with Vivint! I ordered a security and home automation package (plus tons of add ons) from Vivint via phone and a technician was scheduled to come out and do an install on Friday 10/5.

The tech gets here and says, "Oh no, this house is too big and this is way too much work; I don't have time today. You are going to have to reschedule." So the tech walks through the house and makes a bunch of notes and assures me that the notes will be passed off to the next tech who will be coming so that I don't have to do the walk through again. So I speak with Vivant to set up another appointment. The appointment was set for 10/10.

During that conversation, and the two others I had while confirming my appointment, each service representative assured me that the notes from the previous tech were in the file and that plenty of time was scheduled for the tech to complete the job. Again, 3 people assured me of this. Wednesday morning a tech shows up at 9am and says, "This is too much work, I have another appointment at 2 and can't get this all done." REALLY?!? I am sure you can imagine my frustration at this point.

AND he doesn't have any notes and I have to do the walk through again. So he gets on the phone with his boss trying to get another tech out to my house. That didn't work, so I called Vivint myself. After 2 phone calls with Vivint (each lasting 45 minutes) another tech was sent to my house.

These guys worked until 8:30 at night; so they were here for about 11 hours. At this point they were so ready to go home and things were forgotten. Mind you, these guys were very nice and did their best, but they hadn't taken a break or eaten in 11 hours. I did offer them snacks, but they were so polite.

The tech lost the keys to my doors, so I have no keys, which wouldn't be a problem if the automatic door locks worked, but they don't. The door locks don't show up on my iphone app or on the computer. So I had to call into Vivint agin to try and get the door locks working and get a key to my door. I spent an hour on the phone with Vivant and they couldn't figure out the problem, so they emailed someone and said it would be taken care of by the morning.

They also said they were going to get me an appointment so that someone could come out and make a key for my door. Well, who has the key? Is there someone out there walking around with keys to my house? This is unsettling!

Now I have an uneasy feeling, which is the exact opposite feeling I wanted when putting in a security system. Needless to say, my door locks still didn't work in the morning, so I called back in and spent another hour on the phone. I am now waiting for a phone call back to see if they can get anyone out here or fix my locks. At this point here are my outstanding issues: My door locks do not work from my phone or commuter, I have no keys to my doors, I am getting a low battery warning on all of my window sensors (about 20) which is causing my key pad to beep, the pan and tilt camera in my daughters room that worked last night does not work anymore, and the lighting in my house is all labeled incorrectly (ie.

it is labeled mater bedroom and it turns on the porch). Nothing is being done to help me! I have spent thousands of dollars and I am having so many issues!

A tech should be at my home right now fixing this. I am beyond frustrated and this is such an inconvenience to me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Lubbock, Texas, United States #648060


I completely understand your frustration with this situation. I've had the exact thing happen before with other companies, almost. Mine wasn't security related, but I scheduled appointments, and had walk through's performed, then got set aside over, and over; so I get your pain completely.

1. Technicians are dispatched automatically based off geographical location, and estimated time of the case. In other words, if tech A is 25 miles from your house, and an estimated 30 minutes from being done with his current case, and your case is scheduled at an estimated 3 hours work total then he'll get it over Tech B who is 10 miles away, and scheduled to remain at his current case for another hour.

This is a fairly new system, and it does have it's hiccups, but they're constantly editing services in the program to make it much more fluid. The older system that we were on caused too much problems, and customers, so we abandoned it; and began having our own developed to streamline everything.

I'm not making excuses for the company, I'm just hoping to assist you with a better understanding of why this situation came to be. As for the technician stating "This case is too big, I don't have time; well, I for one apologize. That is utterly wrong on their behalf. The technician could have just as easily went into the tech management suite and had his later cases rescheduled to someone else, but was probably being a greedy butt, and wanted the chance of upgrades at the next spot that he didn't think he was going to get with you due to your large pre-purchase.

This is completely unethical, and quite frankly, if you have their names, and or badge ID's, OR your service numbers for your case I will GLADLY report them to my supervisor, and have them be passed along to customer resolution so that we can get this issue nipped in the bud.

I"m not sure about other districts, but in MINE, we don't tolerate laziness, or incompetence. You go in, treat the customer with respect, and remain professional at all times, and it sounds like (unfortunately) you didn't receive any of that, and you have my entire regions apologies for that.

If you would like, I will forward whatever information you can provide to the right people, and do what I can to either eliminate those persons from their positions (we can see who serviced what, so if you get details on equipment installed, or what order they showed up in - eg. Tech 2 said rude comment about rescheduling) then they will know who to confront regarding this issue.

Please reply promptly, and give me a way to contact you and I'll do so from my company email so that you know I'm not B.S'ing you. Then we can go from there.

Again, You have my entire regions sincerest apologies, and for the most part that of the entire company. Weeding out the bad seeds is a process, but one we intend to follow through with. We hope that we can remedy this, and maintain you as a customer.


Greg Johnson

P.S. I didn't include my company email because quite frankly I get roughly 50 emails a day from different people within the company, and sorting through 1000 hatemail messages a day titled "OMG THX U SO MUCH" then containing the complete opposite just to make me read it (had it happen before) isn't something I feel like doing.

As stated, if you leave your contact information I WILL contact you A.S.A.P regarding this, and attempt to begin resolving this for you.

I know it's a little late, but I just started with the company this week, so I apologize for the delay.

to dracconusg Lubbock, Texas, United States #648061

Furthermore, the techs should NEVER be in your home without you being there...EVER. The companies policy requires someone of 18 years of age to be in the home during ANY system maintenance, or install.

I can't wait to get more information from you regarding this, and get the worthless people that did this to you removed from our company. It's them that give us a bad name.


I am so sorry to hear about this. Nothing is more frustrating than getting less than what you expected and deserve.

I a, an employee for Vivint and would love to help get this situation taken care of and to have you accommodated. Please email me @

to Annie Calgary, Alberta, Canada #618661

why do you have a gmail account instead of something with Vivant? sounds fishy to me


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