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We thank this subscriber for taking the time to outline their concerns in this review. Customers are welcome to review their billing and process payments at any time through their online account center or over the phone. Vivint welcomes any bank statements showing an insufficient funds or overdraft fee was charged as a result of our billing; upon receipt we are able to review the statements and potentially provide reimbursement. Vivint is also willing to negotiate bill adjustment for downtime of the cameras. We ensure all customers are aware of the length of their agreement, both in writing on the face of the agreement and during a required pre-installation survey. We encourage this customer to resend their fax to +1(801)-377-4116 and contact our 24/7 Customer Care professionals at 800-216-5232 to resolve the aforementioned issues.
Powell, Tennessee

I joined vivint on 06/03/2011, I was high pressured by a sales man out of Oregon. After getting all my equipment set up in my home, it took them six months to get my camera working, yea, and i paid for the whole six months for service i did not have, then when it was time to make my yearly payment, i learned i could go online and replenish my account all alone every month, no one told me this instead i found it myself after an hour of arguing on the phone with them.They still took money from my account and caused me to get overdrafts on my bank account even though they had the money sitting there.

Now they said to fax my statement and they would pay for that. They must have the fax turned off, i have tried 5 times and still does not go thru. 801-377-4116!! Please you know you have my permission to publish this to all the networks you want.

Oh and the best part is the crazy deranged sales guy swore to me it was for only two years. They tell me its for 42 months!! He was an Amish guy, so i believed him. *** on my part.

They said i can get out of the contract by selling it to someone else. Do they think everyone is as dis honest as them? I would not do that to someone. Or i can pay the rest of my contract.

lololol.Still trying to get that stmt to you and you have not put back my 18.00 like you said you would either Josh. Please publish this, i know i am!! I have facebook and a number of other networks. People should know the truth about this company.

so far i have paid them $1123.94. for all the problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Monetary Loss: $1123.

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