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This Vivint system functions very RARELY, and is INEFFECTIVE with continuous service interruptions. We are having ongoing system issues which ranges from the following: App malfunction, Panel malfunction so often which requires frequent checks from technicians.

Making an appointment takes several weeks to accomplish; and when told the service is free, they add it to your bill and another call must be made to Vivint for them to remove technician/ service fee from bill. Doors showed open on panel, even when closed, house showed disarm when armed and vice versa, house failed to arm from panel and from mobile app, system need to be rebooted every other month, camera not recording on visitors even when they are at our door. Each rep I spoke to said something different; either the panel battery is old, the version is old, this person never did that, that technician didn't do a good job. The last technician said he had to drill a bigger hole in the wall because the first tech didn't do a good job.

In addition, customer service representatives doesn't care about your issues, and at times become very disrespectful. The most notorious and DISHONEST part of having the Vivint system (beside it rarely works) is that they tried illegally to extend your contract during telephone conversations without your knowledge, then they offer a complementary discount saying that it's a compensation for all the issues you're going through then extend your contract without you actually giving them permission to do so. They tried to do that to me, but after I insisted I never gave consent, request a supervisor, in addition to listening to the recorded conversation, they went and put back my contract to the original expiry date(which I also believe was previously change) and added back a $20 charge to our bill they had previously credited which they claimed was for compensation. It has been a roller coaster battle with this system since June 2, 2016 when the contract started.

The unsatisfactory service is far beyond what we imagined. For such an expensive product, we are definitely not getting the service we need. We would like to get out of this contract but was also told this would cost hundreds of dollars to end contract prematurely.

We regret having this system, not getting the service we're paying $66.41 for every month, not being treated with respect. I have tried to reach out to a higher ranking superior and their corporate/head office, but again it's been a roller coaster and is very difficult and stressful to get a resolution.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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