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The inability to get customer support can be be vey time consuming and frustrating and the phone reps that I have talked in the week have been world wide, from South East Asia, Viet Nam, India, Phiilippines, Honduras, Mexico and the US. I just got fin ished with a lengthy call with a US Rep. The resolution of my problem is vague and customer support unreliable.

User's recommendation: Avoid dealing with the Company. They do not have the customer support. The customer will be flying by the seat of his pants.

Location: Palmdale, California

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I have been with Vivent for year and a half my garage door system with Vivent have not worked since it was installed,they sent a technican out twice they changed the sensor out each time worked about a day after they left,called 3 times they instructed me how to fix the problem did not work? The system would alarm me that the garage door system was not working all through the night and day.

I called them and told them to disconnect the sensor so we could get some rest. If the technican could not fix it how in *** did they expect a 81 year old man to fix it it

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