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Once again, the technician could not solve the problems with their own system. Promised to have someone to come back, never happened over past several weeks.

Continually wants to be paid for a security system that has not worked for over 3many months.

Thieves and Liars. They should refund the last 3 months, and future service fees until the system is fixed or deemed irreparable.

User's recommendation: Go with any other company other than Viving.

Location: Snyder, Texas

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I have been having the same issues. After calling (5) separate times regarding cancellation and refund for the property sold in November 2021.

Each Associate I spoke with had different answers. Called because Vivint took out the amount of $99.46 for both properties after confirming my request of cancellation that I was entitled to after December 16th per Associate I spoke with on 12/10/2021. Spoke with a Brooklyn 01/10/2022, who assured me she would take full responsibility for the mistakes made previously. Had to call back on 01/14/2022, because I received an email stating that my cancellation had been denied.

When I received email dated 11/17/2021 that it was confirmed. They kept asking for the code given to me from bank, in which I financed my equipment for our brand-new home in Topping, VA we had built in 2018. We thought we were doing something good by going with Security provider we already had experience with. However, they could not seem to understand that we had two accounts.

When we acquired the new service for the additional home, they turned off the Richmond properties services and offered a new doorbell as an apology for disconnecting the services. They stated that they thought it was a transfer. Services were restored and I didn't have a contract for the Richmond property because we were going to move to the current property as soon as we were able to sell during the Pandemic. It goes to show my loyalty meant nothing to Vivint [2010] I then spoke with a Wilson, who didn't care about me or how long I'd been with the Company, and he didn't try going over the notes telling me when I requested a supervisor, that they were all in a meeting.

Hung up called back and spoke with a young lady who then transferred me to John, a Team leader/Supervisor.

He tried to tell me I had a contract on the Richmond Property and that to make it go away he would do away with the contract and not refund me my money. Then he advised he would escalate it and it would take 24-48 hours for them to make a decision.

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