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These Vivint jackpoles keep coming to my door every year and try to sell me their crap. I can tell they are not being entirely truthful during their sales pitch and not being truthful about their final price.

The worst part that irritates me is that they always tell me about my neighbors near me and who has signed up for Vivint. They give me their names and even tell me what they do for a living. They don't seem to understand that this is a serious violation of their customers privacy. Obviously, this company has no concept of this or they don't care - I think they don't care.

So what I do is always string along their rep and make him sound like I'm interested. After he gives me all the details about the system and is really thinking that I'm going to sign up, I tell him nope - I have no intention of signing up and never did and that I never buy anything from anyone that comes to my door or phones me.

They often get really mad which makes me laugh. Serves them right for screwing around with us seniors.

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Honest, they don't know the word. They even to!d use as long as we have your bank account we can withdraw as much as we want. If I had money i would get attorney.

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