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Vivint understands the concerns of this customer and appreciates their feedback. Despite tremendous advances in technology, neither the security industry nor Vivint has been able to eradicate false alarms entirely. We apologize for any inconvenience this customer experienced during scheduling. This subscriber is encouraged to contact our award winning. Customer Care team to resolve the issues outlined in their review.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

We started with vivnt on may 16, 2012 when two young sales men cme to the door and gave there sales pitch so mu husband agreeded to the service they installed everything that night. But as they were getting ready to instull the equiptment the slaes people tod us we needed to give them a check for 249.00 dollars which is not what they told us at the beginning it would only be 148.99, 100.00 for equiptment and 49.00 for the first months service.

So I told thm no we did not want the service because that is not what they told us. So they told me if I worte the check for that amount they would give me 100.00 cash back so we agreeded. Since then we have had to have a tech out three time once for a low battery that happened with in weeks of getting there service after they changed the battery our hall sensor went off evertime I set the alarm when I left the house so I called them they cancelled and had to come on another date after I gave up my saturday plans to wait for them they did show up days later but tried to tell me they could only do Saturday appointments I told them no way they could come during the week. So right after they were out and tested the senor and moved it it started doing the same thing so we made anothre appointment for them to come out again so the they could cancel again.

I feel we are paying 50.00 a month for this service they should have tech avaible to show up and fix the problems with there equiptment and they don't I threatened to cancel the service and he told me I have a three year contract and they would get someone out as soon as possible.

I would not recomend any one to this company there service is *** and they just want your money every month and not have to provide service to fix there equiptment. And out police department is going to start charging for faluse call outs and I think the alarm company should have to pay for it for there faultie equiptment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Monetary Loss: $2249.

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had vivint installed alarm system in my house had several alarm activation which was all false called vivint several times to report system nothing was ever done to resolve the situation have since stop paying for the service since i was never pleased try to rebooth the system only to find iout the disable all the remotes and refuse to remove their equipment would not recomend vivint to anyone beware of vivint.


This type of situation does not happen often. If you call their customer service at 800-216-5232, and ask for retention, they will transfer you.

They are the supervisors that can handle what you need. Make sure they understand that the system has been malfunctioning since day 1, they will be able to see the calls, how many times a tech has come out, what the tech did, and that you had them scheduled to come out again for the same problem. THey will either GLADLY credit your account, schedule a tech to come out and replace your system, or find some other way to work with you. They are not in the habit of making victims, as they are a growing company with cutting edge technology.

However, there does tend to be parts here and there, or technicians that do not perform up to par. For that I am sure they will apologize. I know that these issues, if they happened as you say, will be documented on yoru account and time stamped. When they see this, they will find a way to fix it as they are in retention and their job is to RETAIN you as a customer.

If you call and the rep doesnt get it done, call back and talk to someone else.

But , and please remember this, that department is not very big, so they few reps inthere that they do have, are the supervisors that handle upset people. Try to be cordial or at least friendly with them, and they will most likely go out of their way to help you.