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Vivint recognizes this customer’s concerns and appreciates the time they took to submit their feedback. We understand that not every product fits every lifestyle and apologize for any issues with the thermostat, electronic door lock, or their refund. We urge this customer to contact our award-winning Customer Care team at 800-216-5232 to resolve any outstanding concerns.
Chicago, Illinois

Salesman did a great job of convincing me that this was the security service for me. After he offered me all the bells and whistles at no charge, I was sold. All I would have to pay is a monthly payment of $79. The salesman left my house and the installers arrived about an hour later (I should've known the company was shadey by the urgency to get it into my house). Its all been downhill from there.

Installation went until around 10:00 PM on a weekday so that was a huge inconvenience. The automation was sporadic and inconsistent. I'd say my iPhone linked up with my thermostats about 1 out of every 5 tries. Most of the time I just had to walk over to the thermostat and change by hand. The link to the door lock never worked. At the end of the day, I was paying around $30 more for a service that was exactly like the one I had before (with no automation). However, at this point, I was still willing to give Vivint a try since I wasnt any very happy with my previous service.

The final straw was a few days later when I was debited $289. I contacted Vivint's customer service who could see that was being charged for some of the installation items - which I was supposed to be receiving for free. As nice as the customer service is, they were completely unable to help since they couldnt see the contract I signed. I was told it could be 3 or 4 days. It just so happened that my timeframe to opt out would've expired by then. Rather convenient for Vivint.

Rather than take the chance of any further billing issues - now or in the future - I decided to cancel and get a full refund. It took me 2 calls just to get someone to confirm my cancellation was received. I called back a week later to get timing on the refund and was told the first person had cancelled the coverage but did not "reverse the invoice", and that would be done in 24 hours. I called back 2 days later and was told the invoice as "partially reversed" and that it was being corrected now, I should have my refund in 24 hours. That's where I am today - waiting on a refund after 12 calls.

The real problem with Vivint is the structure of the business. The salesman and installers are doing things with limited communication to customer service. I get the sense that customer service is legitimately concerned and would've liked to help as quickly as possible, but couldn't since the salesman and installers submitted billings which differed from what was promised. Too many heads on this monster.

I used to always shut the door on salesman that came knocking. The one time I went against my instincts and its come back to *** me in the.... Do yourself a favor, stay away from door to door salesman. But especially the ones in the fancy orange shirts with the Vivint logo.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

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Oh, To inform you guys better, that NARROW WINDOW of 30 days is not so narrow... it is ANYTIME PRIOR TO 30 DAYS before the contract ends..

In other words, you have to inform them that you want to cancel AT LEAST 30 days from the end of your contract.

That means that you were with them for 5 years and you had 4 years 11 months to notify them. Great job with that "Narrow " window


Kathy, you were NOT autorenewed for 3 1/2 years. The autorenewal only renews for 1 year, unless you are in a state that requires only month to month auto renewal.

If you have 42 month than you elected to renew for 42 months, and probably an upgrade on your system, or a move to your new home. Be honest!


Update: I actually had an "accounting supervisor" call me back. He seemed honestly concerned about the hassles I had gone through.

From a customer service perspective, he did exactly what he's supposed to do. He repeated all prior issues and stated resolutions or explanations as best he could. He apologized and asked for feedback on what the company could have done better. I let him know my thoughts and he closed with timing on my refund.

Two days later I got the check in the mail for the full amount. It took a while but I am officially done with Vivint.

Good luck everyone. I hope you all have some positive closer as well.


My Vivint system is bad ***. I love the thing.


I cannot recommend Vivint any longer. I was very happy with Vivint since July 21, 2007 when I first contracted their service for 5 yrs, until today when I called to cancell the service.

I recently moved out of state and missed the narrow window of contacting Vivint 30 days prior to when my contract would automatically be renewed for three and a half years! They offered to install a new and better system in the home I am in now, but couldn't without the home owner, my fiance would have to do it. He doesn't need it. So now I have to pay for a service I cannot use for 3 and 1/2 more years!

I'm thinking BBB or FCC. Any suggestions on who to contact?


Did I mention that they forced me to drive another 1000 miles for 10 cents per mile down to houston? Threatening to fire me if I didn't, which, again, would forfiet the rest of the money owed to me for the work i've done..... it's absolute insanity....


The structure of the ENTIRE company is set up exactly as the people in charge have planned it. I am a technician (installer), for two years prior to starting to work for Vivint, I installed heating and air conditioning systems, doing hard, honest work.

I was told by a friend whom I had grown up about the job, and decided to try it out. They sent me $600 to travel from georgia to illinois, right in naperville, and needless to say, after a few weeks I began to understand what was going on. I am sincerely sorry that you feel you got scammed. But just realize, this company is not just scamming its customers, it's scamming it's employees as well.

Regardless of how long it takes me to install a system, I only get $60. The salesmen get paid $500+ per sale though, and hassell us all of the way through the install, as if we were illiterate dogs, instructing us to lie to the customers or get fired essentially. Of course, they doctor up their speech. This is a terrible company, and if I were you I'd tell everyone you see in the chicago area to never pay those guys in orange any attention.

I'm ashamed to say I work for them, however, i'm about 1000 miles away from home, and i'm not making enough money to go home, and if I quit, I don't get paid the money owed to me for the installation for "special equipment" such as your faulty home automation equipment, because this dirty foul company doesn't pay for that until sometime in october, but only if I stay until august.....

oh yeah, did I mention, they had an "agreement" for me to sign as well before I could work for them.....I should have known.... i'm so disgusted ...again, on behalf of all of the employees tricked into this job, I apologize that you were decieved.


Have you finally received your refund ? I am having the same problem and sounds very similar to your situation.