Our names Anthony Pam Brown

On November 20 th 2018 we were at sams club.When we walked threw the door your sales associate ask if he could help us we were looking at Vivint display.He began to tell us about your recent promotiom which is free installation,free consultation and a $100.00 Sams gift card so the sales associate set up an appointment the same day between 5pm and 8pm.No one showed up or called so I called the sales person and he told me he is going to call his boss and call me back.I waited a few minutes he never called me back.I called Vivint customer service told them what happened and they made another appointment for the following day between the hrs of 2pm and 5pm.The technician sat down with us gave us his opinion and told us how much it would cost up front and if we could not pay the up front fee then we could go threw financeing.I told him the sales man in Sams club did not tell us this is how the process works if he did I would not have made an appointment with a tech.We were only told about the promotion. We feel deceived and will not give out our ss numbers due to identity theft.The associate should of told us the whole story he told us just enough to pull us in that is very deceptive so we did not go threw with anything.I am going to contact bbb and other agencies to let them know how this company works and should not have dishonest people working for them we are very upset about how this whole situation was handled.

Anthony Pam Brown.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Vivint Cons: Being deceived about their product.

Store Location: Spring Hill, Florida

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They suck. And are thieves and liars.


I had a similar experience with Vivint and it had nothing to do with sams clubs. We had some very serious threats happening so I scheduled for the system to be installed on a Friday.

I took the afternoon off work, and waited waited, called, waited. Nothing.

No show! Horrible !!!!


I had just as negative misrepresentation as you

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