I would like to share my experience with vivint.

I first signed up with vivint (then known as APX alarms) in May 2010. The salesman that came to my door was polite and very knowledgeable. Not too pushy but still managed to convince me to set up an alarm. I had considered getting one for my house as I lived in a less than desirable area. By 6pm that night, all the T's were crossed and the I's were dotted. He explained that an installation crew was in the area and would be by shortly to install our system.. This is where my experience goes bad. At around 10pm the installers finally showed up. While installing their equipment, they woke up my 4 year old daughter by drilling through the wall into her bedroom, dusting her with what was most likely asbestos laced drywall (the house was built in the 1930's.) the installer apologized and wrote up an incident report. He told us that we would be contacted in the next week or so.

2 years later we received a phone call from what is now vivint. The woman on the phone said she found our incident report but that it hadn't been followed up with and was wondering if it had ever been repaired. I told her it had not. She said she would arrange to have someone come out and do the repair.

About a week later, she called back and said she was unable to find a local contractor who was willing to do such a small repair, she then asked if I didn't mind fixing it myself.. I was furious and when I asked what type of compensation she would give us her reply was that there was nothing she could do...

My wife and I decided to sell our house a few months later and decided to just fix the wall ourselves during our reno's. We sold our house in August 2014 and had to be out by the end of September. I called in August to cancel our service and was told that we had to give 30 days notice so it would be cancelled at the end of September.

The next 2 months were busy with a move and a new baby at home. At the end of October I checked my bank account and found that I had been billed for monitoring in September and October. When I called to ask why, I was told that although I had called in to cancel, I hadn't provided a written email confirmation (I was never told to do that). When i got off the phone, i wrote my cancellation email. Next month, guess what?, another bill from vivint. I called again and was told they never received my email. I sent another one and then went to my bank and paid around $20 for them to put a stop payment on the account. I didn't want to pay for an alarm at a house that I no longer owned or lived in.

Fast forward to this Monday. A vivint salesman came to my house to try and sell us an alarm system. I was at work and my wife told me he was attempting to flirt with her and even was inappropriate when shaking her hand, now I get this, she is a very attractive woman but that was highly unprofessional. She told him that we weren't pleased with our experience with vivint and if he wanted more details he could come back and talk to me.

Last night, the salesman came back. I was more than happy to provide him with the details I mentioned above and he continued to try to get me to sign up. He even mentioned a neighbor of mine who had "recently" had $2500 stolen from her house. Little did he know, I knew about this and I also knew that it happened 6 years ago, not "recently" as he put it. After telling him we weren't interested several times, he then said " let me just show you our pricing." As I bent down to get my dog who had walked out the open front door, he walked past me, took off his shoes and sat down at my kitchen table. He then asked me for my wifi password so he didn't have to use his own data. It was at this point I told him to leave.

Now I live in Canada so perhaps this sort of sales tactics are normal in the US but I was not happy. My wife posted our experience on a local beware website and found several other people having similar experiences.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia

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Worst contact ever!! Five year and their *** starts breaking one year in and then they want you to pay for fixing it! Huge Scam!!


Join forces with other Canadians who have experienced the Vivint sting - we are organizing and moving towards a class action law suit, if interested please email classactioncanada@yahoo.com


I too had a similar situation and am still dealing with it as of today. I want to warn anyone who is approached by Vivint Salesmen to think long and hard if the security system they offer is really worth all the grief that goes with it.

It has taken me over two years to try to cancel my service and it is supposed to cancel in August, per my phone conversation today with Diego at Vivint. If anything, do not provide autopay...it never ends!!


I'd like to add that I posted this to their customer testimonials section of their Facebook page and it was deleted twice. After the second time, they blocked me from commenting.

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