Leesburg, Virginia
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I just found out that my credit report is showing a bad account from Perfection Collection Aka: VIVINT. The amount is $1327 owed which is a crock of $&@!

This f’d up company was supposed to fix all this nonsense years ago. The idiots were charging for money stating that I had gone like a year without paying for my services. WRONG! *** were charging me for services that never existed.

Why ??? I never lived at the location they claim.

I last spoke to them 2016 and went so far as to mail them proof. I never heard back and now this ?!?!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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There is a class action lawsuit filed against Vivint for doing this a bunch of times. Do a search for Vivint Security Lawsuit and you'll find more information


This is a common practice with them. Victim of this as well.

Got a collections fee from Perfection Collection that is inaccurate and does not exist. I would’ve sued if the amount of money was worth it.

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