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Update by user Jan 18

I quickly received a response from Vivint basically tell me pay my bill. My responseThank you for responding so quickly.Since you have evidently decided to ignore the facts that I have been treated poorly and not try to come to us reasonable revolutions this problem but simply state that I owe the amount and I need to pay it.

I have no choice but to demand you redesign my system as per our contract to only provide me 78% of my required usage based on the 12 months prior to my contract.Under further investigation I've come to conclusion that my system is overdesigned. I provided you with my Pacific Gas & Electric utility company usage from March 2018 to March 2019. According to PG&E my total usage 19,272 kW. My system is supposed to be designed as per my user agreement to compensate 78% of my usage, that is only 15,032 kW.

The system you provided me is the site for 21,070 kW, and overdesign by 6038 kW which is costing me $905.70 a year. Please compensate me for this amount and please come remove the overdesign solar system to a amount that only provides me the 78% I signed up for.So nice working with you people,Frank CarlisiA copy of this is being sent to Pissed Consumer account so that anyone else unhappy with Vivint solar will go back and check to see if their system is overdesigned.

Update by user Jan 18

Letter written to vivint solar on January 18, 2021.To whom it may concern Vivint solar.I have been spending hours collecting this information into a spreadsheet form to better understand where the additional charges that were on my December bill were from. I have to say up front I am so very disappointed in Vivint solar and the lies I've been fed from the very beginning.

I was high pressured into signing a contract by not just the salesman but the local manager. I was very ill and bedridden and they stood on either side of the bed encouraging me to accept a great deal I was getting. When receiving the contract I questioned everything that seemed unusual and I was assured that they would be willing to work with me and the wording of the contract was not what I was interpreting it to say. For over 2 1/2 hours they pounded me with information (most of it were untruths or half-truths).

At no point was I ever told or explained that I would be paying for power I produced and not power that I used. Why would anybody signed a contract with a new they would be paying $.15 a KW and then selling the excess back to utility company for only $.03-$.04 a KW? They assured me time and again I would be saving over and above what my current utility costs were. Well as you can see on the spreadsheet on providing that from March 2019 through November 2019 my utility bill totaled $2225.97 whereas with Vivint I paid $298.58 to the utility company and $2399.08 to Vivint for a total of $2699.66 For a difference of $471.69.

Please explain to me how this is saving me money? This also includes a month when the system was producing less than 50% because of faulty equipment. I have asked numerous times for a daily breakdown comparison of what I was charged each month to the revised billing that was added as a lump sum amount in my December bill for 4424.701 KW's when in actuality my usage for November was only 1314.3 KW. I finally found out after spending hours doing a spreadsheet where the differences were.

In March 2020 under billed $27.50, April $110.55, May $110.47, June $40.53, July $1, August overbilled $8.60, September $101.88 at October overbilled $7.62. What kind of a company cannot accurately bill their customer with their correct bill for a month is an and show up at the end of the year (the same month I have to do my utility company "true up") as a lump sum? And no point did anyone ever tell me that you are incompetent enough to provide me an accurate bill each month and then slam me with an extra $430 in December at Christmas time where i already have to pay an additional $250 for my true up.In conclusion I think it is very unfair of Vivint solar to send the bill of $613 and expected to be paid without question or explanation. Also while I explained to your billing department who calls me daily, I have not received the breakdown for explanation I requested every time they call.

I get a overall breakdown by month that tells me nothing except for what you charge me now, not what I was charged in comparison to the new charge.

You can be sure I am watching daily for class-action lawsuit to be filed so that I can join it to get rid of Vivint forever. Something I should of been a pleasant experience in the ongoing nightmare from the lies, delays, poor workmanship and now the overbilling I'm just disgusted with your company.Frank CarlisiPS: a copy of this letter will be going to Pissed Consumer account number 233**** (Without attachments)

Original review posted by user Dec 11, 2020

Vivint solar has got to be the absolute worst solar company in the United States. From the beginning they've done nothing but lie to me.

Everything from what it would cost me per month to when installation would be complete not to mention the fact that not once did anyone explain to me that would be paying for power I produce not power I use. My system only produced half power for a couple months due to faulty equipment installed and today I received a bill for over $630 for last month (3 times my normal monthly bill).

Their explanation, my system was producing the power just not recording it correctly. I'm not sure how my system can produce the power when inverter wasn't operational.

User's recommendation: save yourself years of misery, use any other company.

Preferred solution: cancel contract and remove equipment .

Vivint Cons: Lying about terms of service, Overbilling, Equipment malfunctions, Continuous lies, Deceptive sales practice.

Location: 411 Otterson Drive, Chico, CA 95928

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