Ocala, Florida
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For over a year, I have been having problems with the Vivint System. For a long time during the winter the alarm would wake me up during the night and give me weather reports. I finally got that settled. First I was told that it was probably the ice and snow against the door. I told them I live in Florida and we do not have ice and snow against our doors.

The alarm which I did wear around my neck would go off and inasmuch as I have a visual problem by the time I got the alarm stopped the fire truck and ambulance and policemen were already here. This has happened several times.

I had asked Vivint to send me the date of the renewal inasmuch as I have a severe visual problem. I was told them would send that so that my son could help me with my mail.

Recently the alarm which I did wear around my neck just goes off even if it is on a table in another room.

I told the persons that I talked with after one of these last episodes that I could not take this emotionally as I do have a cerebral aneurysm and I do not need the stress at this time. They told me that when I died, that if my children would furnish them with a copy of my death certificate they would remove the alarm. That was a new low for your company or for any company. I will not recommend Vivint to anyone. The technicians who come out say their hands are tied. The people in the office told me that I could buy out the contract for $2000. Inasmuch as the service from Vivint has reached a new low, I will heartily recommend to anyone that they not ever get alarm system from your company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Customer Care.

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