Would not let me cancel just 2 hours after I said I would take it. Boy had it in my wall within the first 30 minutes.

When I found out I could not hear it from my bedroom, they still would not cancel while they were standing right in front of me. Said it was a three year contract. Instead it was 3/12 years. Never have been able to use it because the first 2 times were false alarms, the third also which cost me money.The city dropped the fine because they had so many complaints about this company.

I was told several times the problem would be fixed, and wasn't,until I sent letter to BBB in Utah and one to Alabama. They pay big lawyers. I didn't stand a chance. Had another Vivint salesman come around a year and a half later, and told him the story.

He had a guy fix the bad alarm that was causing the false alarms. He triggered it before he left to make sure it worked. when my phone rang he said I didn't have to answer it because he told them he was working on it. He left and the fire truck, ambulance, and cop cars showed up in minutes.

In fact he had only made it 3/4 way down the street. thank goodness he explained all this to them. No fines. Will never use it.

In all fairness to Vivint they did offer to fix the problem after I tried to cancel, but I said I don't want it fixed, I want it out. The customer service person said he would check on it and call back. Never happened. Their lawyer used that call against me in my complaint to the BBB in both states, by saying I wouldn't let them fix it after they offered.

Today I got a letter asking me to renew my contract, which isn't up until Feb, 2016.

I called and said NO. I want to cancel. I asked if it had to be done and get there within a narrow time frame , and he said yes. I said should I start mailing out registered letters monthly now to make sure I make my request known.

Or could I do it know.

He ( LEE ) said he would check.....waited on line ..came back and gave a e mail address to use and they would keep it in my file.I will share it if anyone else needs it. documents@Vivint.com here is the catch, you have to give them a number they give you on the phone, not your account number, is what he told me.

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