I was lied to by the sales rep who came to my home to offer my husband and I their service. He told me that they would give us 30 days to try the equipment and their service and that if we didnt like it we could cancel anytime within that time frame.

It took us 10 days to get all of our equipment and the technician had to come to our home 3 different times. (Items were out of stock etc.) when I called customer service to see if they could let the the 30 day trial period start from the day we finally got all of our equipment I was told that We actually only had 3 days to cancel. I was also told that we would have to pay $4,000 to cover the equipment if we wanted to cancel. The shady sales rep initially told me that Vivint would pay our cancellation fee to leave ADT, but I found out that normally its only partially covered.

I WAS FUMING!!! Anyways after numerous calls to their customer service center I finally got promised a resolution by someone in their loyalty department/buyout department. Theyre saying that theyll send us a gift card for $1000 and give us a few months free to cover the cancellation fee that we received from ADT for $1487.00

Im looking forward to receiving all of that, but I still dont like how we were scammed to sign up for their service.

I feel like we were taken advantage of and that wasnt fair to us. We literally could have stayed with ADT and just upgraded our service without all of the hassle.

User's recommendation: Double check the contract to see how many days you have to cancel and check with your alarm company to see what the cancellation fee will be and if Vivint will cover it. DO NOT SIGN UP RIGHT AWAY!

Location: Lancaster, California

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