I promised the people at VIVINT I would share our experience, so here is it.

We fell for it, I admit. It was the glittery extras that drew me in. We were very happy with the security system we had been using, but this salesperson got me interested when he mentioned they offer the video door monitoring included with their regular monthly fee. This was no different in cost than we currently were paying, so why not make the switch and get some added extras? It was "free" to set up. (That should have been my first clue). They could come set it up same day..because they had a guy around the corner. What was promised to be a 2 hour install, became more than 4 hours, on a Sat evening. The install guy was here until 1 am. He had a few issues getting us fully connected which was the reason it took longer than expected. We considered whether we should offered him a midnight snack but were afraid he would never leave. The morning after set up I got my first call from Vivint, informing me that one of my sensors was offline, when I went on the touch pad to see what was going on, it appeared as though everything was fine. Later in the day, we noticed the doorbell/video had quite a bit of a delay in showing who was at the door. By the time the person appeared on the screen, they rang the bell a second time. (What's the point of this if it has a delay?)

This morning I was reading thru reviews (something I should have done first) and noticed the number of complaints they had. I decided to go to my online account and to my surprise, they had the billing all wrong, including a $70 wiring charge they never told me about. Apparently the installer noted that he had to do extra work on the install and decided to charge us without notifying us! Additionally, our account appeared to have been double billed...and that "free" install ended up costing us $99 - the sales person called it an admin fee. They set us up with auto-pay, without my consent as well. I started the phone calls to customer service, and more than 2 hours later, multiple transfers and very long holds, I finally spoke with someone who I think was able to help me. By this time I was so frustrated, I decided to cancel everything. (thankfully we had 3 days to cancel without penalties). In the course of the phone calls, I also read that they charge to send a tech for any issues (comcast sends someone free). This was never mentioned during the sales pitch. As someone who works in customer service, I know how important it is to get written documentation from a company when they promise something, I did get an email confirmation from the rep I spoke with to confirm the cancellation. Since they had a voided check (I guess to set up the auto-pay), I was worried about them charging me further. I did contact my bank and blocked them from having any charges approved. (gotta stay one step ahead)

I wrote a review on their fb page, but I guess they didn't like that I called them out on their scam, so they deleted my post and blocked me from posting further. They have their own employees posting positive reviews on their site & the fb pages as well. That's ok... I will find other places to post my review. Hopefully it will save someone else from getting scammed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System Installation.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Vivint Cons: No explanation of service fees for techs, Unexplained charges on my bill, Double billed, Auto-pay set up without permission, Very long hold times to speak with agent.

Location: Westbury, New York

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Thank you. Now I will not use them


it is a rip off

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