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Worst experience by the door to door sales guy. Invites himself in for a drink of water.

Once in my house he said he needed to make a quick call to see what speeds I could get at my location. He then puts me on the phone with a guy who asked for some basic info such as my address and phone number. He then asks for my credit card info.

This PISSED me off. Never did I say I wanted to sign up and yet I was being signed up!

So frustrated with that tactic. I kicked him out and I better not get the modem showing up and a bill in the mail. Hello sales folks you have to ask permission of the buyer. Then you can get your commission.

His strategy was to sign people up with the no commitment rhetoric then if not satisfied I can cancel. Ok great he gets his commission and I have the responsibility of canceling, sending back equipment and some undisclosed fee that is usually attached.

The sad thing is I was somewhat interested but wasn’t ready to commit just yet.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Stop allowing sales people to be deceptive .

Vivint Cons: Being lied totold i cannot cancel, Unprofessional conduct.

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Same tactic used on me. They installed before I could say what the *** While I'm discussing with the guy who knocked on the door, he signaled a crew of 5-7 men to install before I could look at the contract.

Additionally, I was a renter. Installs were only for homeowners.

Then I could not get it cancelled. Then they trashed my credit.

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