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We thank this customer for their concern and for being proactive in the protection of their home. Vivint encourages customers to make us aware of any aspects of their installation they are dissatisfied with. We take all alarm notifications seriously and it is against our monitoring policy to cancel a dispatch without the appropriate verbal passcode.

Vivint/APX installed home security system in my home. Not very professional instillation and not pleased from the start.

Got a call from service rep. that my back door was open when I was out of town and wanted to know what I wanted them to do. My response was "call the police" I'm almost two hours from the house. By the time I got home my back door was still open and the police were never notified.

When I called to inquire I was told that my wife told them not to notify the police which I know wasn't true because she was with me. Never could resolve the issue and basically told me I didn't know what I was talking about because they had it all documented from the time of the call. Why would anyone tell them not to have the police respond when they're two hours away from their home and the alarm is going off? Tried to cancel service but couldn't because of contract!

Felt like (and still do) that I was paying for service I didn't receive. Thankfully my contract is expiring soon and will not renew. Still denying they were in the wrong and negligent. I was lucky because nothing was missing, I guess the alarm scared them off but my hardwood floor was damaged because it was raining and the door was wide open.

I would not advise anyone to trust Vivint for their home security!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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