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When we first time signed up with Vivint we thought it was an excellent idea! My husband deploys frequently and I would feel more safe having this system protect me- since we do not have a landline phone.

However less than a year later-if we could financially afford to end our contract we would just to be DONE dealing with Vivint. They have the nicest customer care representatives but they have the WORST policies. The touch screen thermostat THEY put in our home (not optional) constantly changes it's own temp. I called and nicely informed that this has been happening alot.

Reset the thermostat and if it happens again call for replacement. It happened for awhile and we tried to ignore it. Then the touch screen stopped responding at the up arrow. We called and informed Vivint of the two issues now.

And I was told they would be glad to come replace it for a copay of $50. This is the policy, after all I am getting the new device for free. I was already informed that the device was defective and that many people have this issue! I BETTER get the device for free!

Why should I have to pay $50 because they gave me (and lots of customers) a broken device? Well I was told I have to pay it for the agent who has to drive to my house and use up his time. Well he is employed by VIVINT, and VIVINT gave me a bad device, and VIVINT should pay for everything regarding this bad device. Plus we pay like $80 a month for Vivint...My husband is about to deploy- which involves alot of purchases and costs- we don't have $50 in the budget right now-that's part of being in the military and getting paid less than most every other job in the US.

I wish I would have paid more attention to the contract. I can NOT wait to be done with Vivint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Security System.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Reply by Vivint

Vivint appreciates this customer voicing their concerns. All Vivint equipment (excluding batteries) is covered under warranty. Customers are never required to pay for replacement of warranted equipment. We do, however ask that they are responsible for a $49 service co-pay. This charge is waived in certain situations and return trips within 60-days are not billable. Customers are also given a 120-day window following installation during which no service co-pays will apply. Additionally, we offer a service upgrade which customers are able to opt-into at anytime that includes unlimited, free service visits.

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Vivint does have cutting edge technology that helps makes you feel secure but they way they treat their customers after they have you hook line and sinker, they treat you like dirt on the floor. One of the worst things that could happen to a person as far as work related is to lose your house.

Due to previously being unemployed for 5 months and recently getting the job that paid a lot less than I had made before, I was not able to keep my house. When the rep came to MY doorstep and I explained that I wouldn't be able to afford the plan he kept forcing it on me. I said I couldn't afford it. He then said he'd give me a few months free.

I told him I still wasn't comfortable with it. He kept pressing me and taking advantage of me living by myself as a female. I was also told if I worse came to worse and I couldn't afford my house that the company would work with me. That is far from the truth!

I told them I had to sell my house because I couldn't afford it anymore and they said I was locked into my contract. They could cut the contract if they wanted to but wouldn't. I feel used and lied to. I would NEVER recommend this security system company to anyone unless they can predict the future and know they won't move for at least 4 years.

Fed a bunch of lies and feel taken advantage of a terrible situation.


Don't let them in. Don't let them on your property and for goodness sake don't agree to anything. Oh! and record your support calls (*they* ask permission so it is OK, do it, you will need it).

I was excited about the equipment, especially the cellular call out in case the lines were out. I was looking forward to the internet based home automation stuff.

Our home burned to the ground in less than 24 hours after the cellular wireless system was installed. Oddly the point of origin was where the install tech had cut the prior system's wires. We have been assured this was purely coincidence.

The alarm did not go off until after my family had exited at 4AM.

If we had still been in the house when the alarm did finally work we would have all died there.

We called, even with children in the hospital and burns on our bodies, within 24 hours of that to request cancellation of the service, at which time we were told by support@***.com that the tech would look into what we needed to do, and that we should wait for a return call and a tech would verify the total destruction of our home and everything in it.

The tech couldn't believe he had been called to verify the hole in the ground.

We waited and waited for a return call.

I called several days later, had an eerily similar conversation where I was asked for the same information, including the fire report which I sent. We were then informed that we had passed our window to cancel, but after pointing out that that is what I had tried to do I was *told* to wait ...I was put on hold while the tech talked to a 'supervisor'. Upon their return I was instructed to email everything I had so far and that they would send it to the "special cancellations department. They would then contact us within 48-72 hours to resolve the cancellation.

Fast forward through four repeats of exactly the same call:

- We can't help, too late - need to defer, sell to someone else or pay out in full...

- Then an explanation of the history, a chat with management, a request for the same info and a promise of a reply that will never come.

Now, roughly three months post fire, I received a call from billing asking me if I had had a chance to drop my payment in the mail. After explaining the history I was transferred back to support where we repeated the very same script, right down to the long pauses for supervisor discussions and a promise of review by special cancellations...etc.. I explained that we had done so, repeatedly. And since billing had found me there obviously was no issue with contact info. After a long pause to "walk over to 'special cancellations' personally" I was informed that they had reviewed our file and we could only defer, pay out or sell to another sucker, and that there would be no further follow up from special cancellations or anyone else.

Nothing against the install guy (unless he caused the fire)

Nothing against the equipment (except when we really needed it, it failed).

Support, in my opinion, isn't bad, it is criminal. I feel they intentionally attempt to string out and tack on and misdirect. I was told I could have "no more than' 3,6,9,and 12 months deferral (our home would take at least 12 mo. to rebuild).

I was told explicitly not to pay my bill. I was told I would be contacted.

I am especially uncomfortable with the extortion involved in forcing customers to push a service that they do not want or cannot use off on an unsuspecting friend to save themselves.

My options are these; Pay out the balance (2yrs, 364 days of a three year contract), trick a friend into installing a system (not mine...that is carbon atoms...a whole new one), or defer for however long the support crystal ball offers the next time *I call them*.

I will also patiently watch for more google hits on Vivint and Class Action.

@Emerick Vkf

You can't blame Vivint for your discretion. It was your decision to be frugal, and make the technician perform a hard wire takeover on someone else's equipment. Furthermore you can't blame them for someone else's equipment failing to detect the fire as fast as Vivint's could have.

These are all situations you yourself put you and your family into. I am sorry for your loss, and I understand entirely how it feels, having been homeless for three years after being kicked out of my house as a ***. However, those were your decisions that put your family in jeopardy, not Vivint's. When you say "I want you to take over this system" they tell you that they don't recommend it SPECIFICALLY for that purpose. They don't know how it was put into your home, or whether they did things right. They don't know how reliable the technician was, or the equipment, and we don't warranty it if anything happens to it. Those are all reasons to avoid it, yet persons who decide they want to save a few bucks put their families and their lives in danger just because they would rather be "smart with their money."

Fine, be smart with your money. Don't get used to having equipment in your home that is old used discarded junk. Because when it fails you're going to have to pay the upgrade fees to get new equipment anyways, and until you can afford it those are points of security that won't be there anymore. Use fresh equipment with newer technology, and take advantage of the free points that support gives you.

I'm not saying you are the cause for the fire, and you're such a horrible parent for putting your kids in danger; but what I am saying is the same way you fault the company, the company faults you. Utilizing discarded equipment is a horrible idea no matter how old it is. Anyone should know that. Electronics fail ALL the time. Would you build your house with 50 year old brick, and recycled mortar made from tooth paste, and super glue? No, so why do the same thing with your alarm system?

There are decisions in life that you make, and whether you realize it or not there is a point where those decisions become actions. Those actions can either work for or against you in life; but it's up to you to decide which side they'll take.

Ultimately you decided to have things work against you, then threw the blame at the first person that it seemed convenient to do so with; and that sir, is unfair. Blaming Vivint for your misguided opinion of what should be done in your home and with the equipment was the mistake, and that was no one's but your own. Again, I apologize for you and your family's loss; but the blame boomerang comes right back to you.


HAHAHAHA!! Dracconus! you turd...

"They don't know how reliable the technician was, or the equipment, and we don't warranty it if anything happens to it."

you slipped up.... work for Vivint? loser.. go *** in your hand.

Vivint is a joke.period.


Seems to me like people just are afraid of commitment?? I have had Vivint for four years now.

And I had mine renewed. What better way than to have the largest privately owned security company monitor and save my home day in and day out. Their door locks are awesome. I can work all day and not worry when my son is home from school because it tells me soon as he punches in the code.

Worried about contract okay go with a company that doesn't have contract that can up your rates anytime they want. Worry about contract length ... Well how long are you going to protect your home for real. Also for the lady that says it only saves you 8.00 a month.

Your a retard because mine has saved me exactly what the company has promised. 25 bucks and some change. People that need service done, ever tried calling in and not be a b**** but a real person and ask for help instead of demanding. Where are your manners.

My sales rep that came to my door was awesome and u was nice back.

Great experience love the system and the company.


I have vivint they charged my account 101.00 dollars when my bill is only 68.00 I call to let them know of the over charge and the said they had a glitch in their system and they would refund me the money they over charged me and credit my account 40.00 dollars to my next bill well the following month they still charged me the same called costumer service said their was no notes that they were going to credit my account can't wait until mt contract is over! :(


Stay away from Vivint! I moved and sold my house.

A couple months before, Vivint took over my alarm co. I paid them( after I moved) to turn off my alarm and paid to finish contract. They never closed my account after cashing my check and sent me to collections. I've done everything they've asked me to do.

( A letter stating acct is closed).

But I still get calls from them. Going to the State Attorney General.


Vivint salesman offered my mother to waive the starting fee: "write me a check for the amount and I will be back to reimburse you" and because my mom is unemployed in the summer: "we will give you the first two months free" SADLY people like my mom are too easily fooled. Now not only has he lied to her but is also locked in to a 5 yr contract with these heartless people.

I don't know this company, don't care to, How can they be viewed in any kind of positive light when they begin a relationship with lies?? Angry no doubt!

However sadness that my mother has been taken advantage of is far greater. I really hope that at the end of your life your love of money will continue to have fooled you into believing your hollow life has actually been a complete one.


Reading the contracts before you sign is an absolute must. I was about to sign up for service and contacted their online support to clarify a couple questions such as canceling service.

The thing that kept me away from getting it was when I asked "what are the charges for canceling the service" they told me you will have to pay the remainder of your contract in full but and I quote "we are not heartless". umm to avoid any confusion I asked what were the other options and there are none but they assured me they were not heartless haha.

just trying to sell you on the fact they will work with you but nope they wont. Misleading and lying are one in the same.


Vivint came to my home about two weeks ago it was a young man claiming they wanted to set up a few advertising homes at no cost. I was very leery but the young man was very polite and showed me all the complaints online. I am very happy with my system and after giving him the benefit of the doubt I am compelled to report I am extremely satisfied and would recommend Vivint to all my friends!


Two salesmen attacked my father and I while we were trying to clean our cars, we said we had no time to install their system since we were going out of town. They kept on insisting that it was a sponsorship for our home, that they really liked our house. They said we can try it out for the next 5 days to see if we like it, but after reading this I think Monday we will return it.


Why?? Was everything not what they said? Vivints a great company


I just read pages and pages of complaints witha few glowing comments thrown in.. I just sent the kids at the door packing..Thank you for all of your honesty ..you safed me more then just money on this one..


Vivint came to my neighborhood Memorial Day Weekend. The sales person was a college kid doing a summer job.

We liked her and let her in; we had been thinking about a security system for a while, so it seemed opportune. We signed the contract and the technician arrived 20 minutes later to begin the install. He got half way through it but was unable to finish installing the camera or the door lock. He promised he would be back the next morning to finish, and set the time at 10AM.

The time came and went without any sign of the tech. We called him and left a message on the cell he had given us. We called the company's customer service and were fed a line about the techs being independent (doesn't matter....the techs represent the company, independent contractors or not). Next day, still not tech.

We called and cancelled the service. We were within the three day grace period clearly outlined in the contract. The same tech called my cell that night, made excuses about having a tooth ache (really!), and apologized. He came to our house the next day to uninstall the half installed equipment, and gave my wife a hard time about cancelling and "ruining the college kid's first sale." We told him to look from our perspective; if a security company needs to be anything at all, they need to be reliable, and he had proved through his actions that he was unreliable.

He didn't call us for two days, not until he got a work order to remove the equipment! And the company, through their failure to send another tech after we called them, proved themselves equally unreliable. Since then, I've seen that there are hundreds of reviews online regarding this company, and most are negative. There may be many satisfied customers....doesn't matter.

With a good company there should be very few serious complaints. We have already installed a security system with a company that has a more reliable history and a better reputation...and on top of that it's $30 less per month.


I had a home fire and if it was not for vivint. I would have lost everything I own.

Thanks for taking such great care of home and family.

Happy man


I have had vivint for 3 years and have had no problems. We had an issue with our thermostat and they came right out and fixed it.

My husband also frequently deploys and it is extremely nice to know that when he is gone my children and I are safe.

Plus convenient that if I decide to go "home" while he is deployed I can lock my house up and keep track through my phone even change my thermostat temp. Oh and as far as the contract issue, your a grown adult learn to read important documents, being military tho you should already know that.


So you can't afford to protect your family, but you can afford a website to complain about it? I'm pretty sure it's cheaper to shut up and fix your problem then Creat a website to complain about a trip fee


Actually we have the same *** problem but I can't take time to go out and tell people about this either?

I wanted Vivint to send me the part and let ME INSTALL IT, but they won't do it. They want their $50.

Understand that I can buy a new programmable thermostat from home depot for $40, but Vivint wants $50 for theirs that only works with their system and is "warrantied".

It's ***, plain and simple and people like you that simply haven't had a problem and want to get on the people that do should take your own advice and have big steaming cup of shut the *** up. :(







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