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On August 26, 2013, we signed up to receive service from Vivint, Inc. We opted for the upgraded package that included, smoke detectors, automatic door locks, pan and tilt video camera.

Sounded like all the bells and whistles. We were told that if we needed to cancel the contract after 30 days, there would be a $150 cancellation fee. Sounded okay. We have had nothing but problems and complaints since.

The day they were supposed to install the system, we were told it would take no more than 2 hours. The technician worked well over 10+ hours, but couldn't get it installed. The next day, another technician came out and worked most of the next day. At the end of this day, we were told that the Vivint wiring system was not compatible with our house.

We would have to be downgraded in our "package." We were still having issues, as the system was never installed correctly. Apparently, the automatic door lock was not compatible, either. After numerous calls, promising to come and take the door lock system off, to this day, I still have it on my door. We continued to have a "low battery" signal that constantly went off.

Again, after numerous calls, my wife was told to go into the attic and they would have her to help diagnose the problem. We had no intention of going in to the attic and touch anything! If we messed up anything, it would then by on us, and we did not want any other issues coming from Vivint. After about 8 months of dealing with the low battery signal and half the system not operable, I had enough.

I contacted Vivint to cancel the contract. I was told that they could not cancel the contract over the phone. In order to cancel the contract, we would have to send a letter in writing stating that we wanted to cancel the contract. Again, we were told that there would be a $150 cancelation fee.

We said, okay, even though they owed us money! When we were downgraded to the lower package that still did not work right, we were supposed to get a refund for the overpayments that they continued to bill us for. We made so many calls trying to clear this issue up at the time as well. We would tell every person who answered that we were still being billed incorrectly for the service.

The overbilled us for months! They chose not to change it and continued to bill us for the first package. So, they actually to this day owe us money. However, we said we would pay the $150 fee to get out of the contract.

I sent the letter in writing on October 10, 2014, indicating that we were cancelling the contract. We have paid for a non-working service for the better part of a year. On the October 20, 2014 letter, we notified Vivint that we would be putting a stop payment on the account. We did not receive any bills for a few months/couple of months, do not have an accurate date(s).

We thought that we were done with Vivint. Then we start getting bills AGAIN! We started making phone calls again. We asked to speak to someone in higher level management, but was never able to do so.

They send you to their Customer Loyalty Department, who cannot do anything to help you nor are they willing to send you to some who can. On our last conversation we told them that we were not going to pay the remainder of the balance. We did offer to pay again the $150 we were told we could pay to cancel the contract. The letter on October the 10th, also stated that we were no intended to pay.

We were never contacted. We have now been turned over to a collection agency, asking for $1,802.12. Now I have to deal with the collection agency and possible credit issues! Vivint breached their contract by not providing a working system on August, 26, 2013.

We continued to pay for the nonworking service because we felt they would make it right. Since then, we have found out that Vivint does not maintain local service technicians in our area and never had the ability to timely address any service problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vivint Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Cancel my contract with a $150 penalty payment..

Vivint Cons: Customer service policies, Evasiveness, Poor troubleshooting ability, Being lied to.

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