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Vivint would like to thank the customer for their review and for bringing their concerns to our attention. Upon further review of this customers account I am showing that they originally contacted Vivint on the 28th of October to request the cancellation of the account. Vivint requires a 30 day written notice of the customers desire to be cancelled per the agreement the customer signed. Once the customer sends in written notice they will need to follow up with our customer loyalty department at (800) 216-5232 and they will be able to assist with furthering the cancellation process.
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I have contracted with Vivint for 3.5 years, a 42 month contract. The contract is set to expire this month, so I called in to cancel my service. I have been informed from the customer service agent that:

1. Sorry, we have to bill you one more month because your Notice of Cancellation has not been on file for at least 30 days.

2. Yes, we should have called you, and there are teams of people that "usually do", Customer Service Agent promises up and down that she's sorry we weren't contacted like everyone else supposedly is, but please kindly cough up one more month of service fees because we're a company with predatory and shady practices and we're unable to process your cancellation in time before the next billing period.

3. You need to follow up with us if we haven't called in 50 days, otherwise you will continue to be billed. Vivint claims they have to follow up with a phone call after the Notice of Cancellation has been on file

4. If you never had called in the first place, Vivint will continue to bill your account until the end of days, even if me, the account holder, had passed away cold dead.

These statements above are VERY representative of the conversation I just had on the phone. I'm extremely disappointed that it is this difficult to CANCEL SERVICE ON A CONTRACT WITH THE TIMEFRAME COMPLETED AND EXPIRED!

Vivint, shame on you.

Reason of review: My contract has expired, yet Vivint thinks it's OK to keep charging me at least one more month (thus the $50.00 value of loss) even after LEGAL TERMINATION. Their "customer service team" DID NOT contact us, agent said they should have..

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Just cancel the service and do not take any more payments beyond my contract period..

Location: Osoyoos, British Columbia

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